Dr. Horowitz is the best-credentialed, most-prolific, and widely-censored vaccine abolitionist in the world today. After serving on the faculties of both Tufts and Harvard Universities, he was christened “The Kind David of Natural Healing” for his two dozen books, three national best-sellers, and extensive video library that covers a quarter century of accurate scientific analyses, uncanny prophetic predictions, native elder wisdom, and dutiful warnings about viruses and plagues emerging from labs (including COVID).

His videos and award-winning films, censored by Google/YouTube and Vimeo, are now showing on RevolutionTelevision.net, with select gems broadcasting here on BITCHUTE.

Most noteworthy, Dr. Horowitz birthed the exploding “528 frequency healing industry,” with his pioneering science and clinical technologies evolving healthcare beyond the poisonous “medical paradigm.” Dr. Horowitz’s award-winning natural healing books and films feature the musical-mathematics of the “Perfect Circle of SoundTM.” Clinical applications of his many astonishing “biospiritual” revelations are expanding the natural healing arts and sciences.

The doctor’s best-selling widely-acclaimed nutritional supplements feature several of his pioneering discoveries in structured water science, resonating bio-energetic memory, boosting immunity naturally for hastened recoveries, and optimizing wellness.

Dr. Horowitz’s products are sold on HealthyWorldStore.com and widely distributed through health professional offices, health spas and salons, and health-food stores worldwide.

Aside from the aforementioned, Dr. Horowitz is a celebrated ‘energy medicine’ biotechnology inventor; public health activist and consumer advocate; academic scholar, editor, and successful publisher; multi-award-winning author and filmmaker; emerging viruses medical/legal expert; vaccination risk researcher, speaker, and public educator, adding to his success as a natural-healing alternative-medicine entrepreneur.