528hz Single TUNING FORK


ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL HEALING INSTRUMENTS ON EARTH! And so simple to use with LOVE528 in your heart. Pray for miraculous healings with the MIracle 6 frequency of the universe. This fork plays in harmony with Divinity as this frequency is celebrated by the botanical world, 528–chlorophyll’s color–the central energy of sunshine! :+))

“Don�t forget to pray with the 528 fork (faithfully).
“Instead of a bath, make it a baptism! Use your 528 tuning fork to bless bath water, vibrationally, with the sound of LOVE in God’s heart for you.  Strike the tuning fork on the rubber ring around the 528hz tuning fork Orgone Generator , or on your knee; then submerge your hand to sink the handle of the 528 tuning fork into the Water. Let it vibrate, and play out completely. Then repeat this a total of six times, with prayer. Your bath will feel much more relaxing.
“A group of sound healing researchers in Israel routinely travel with 528Hz tuning forks. They activate them whenever confronted by angry people. Also, they play the forks whenever they come upon others in conflict (which happens a lot in Israel these days). They claim this distracts, fascinates, humors, and calms those engaged in arguments. They strike the 528 fork, wave it through the air, and that seems to help settle disputes.
  • Can you imagine what might happen if United Nations �peace-keepers� were to broadcast 528 pure tones around Gaza, Jerusalem and Palestine? What about other places of conflict?
Features & Ingredients

  • THE WONDERFUL SINGLE 528 TUNING FORK that can be used in many ways to help balance energy, heal your body, and emotionally uplift people naturally using 528Hz energy that impacts spirituality, in harmony with biology. Use this tuning fork to: tune instruments, including your body; vibrate water to impart the LOVE/528 energy into the water; pray and chant with the frequency of LOVE; resonate your bath water; help get yourself to sleep waving the energy around your head and heart at bedtime; use it to de-stress yourself and others at the office; carry your fork around with you and pull it out whenever anyone is arguing or fighting. You’ll be amazed at the instant peace generated!
  • Now the 528 Tuning Fork is available with a 528hz Orgone Generator holder which serves as a universal healing device. The green rubber band (see below) around the 528hz Orgone Generator is perfect for striking your tuning fork for the resonance of 528hz. The orgonite contains magnetic energy, healing crystals and gemstones. You can place it on your body for healing, and it is a great tool for healing practitioners.
  • To purchase the combo: please click here:
  • https://www.healthyworldstore.com/product-p/528tuningforkcombo.htm
  • To purchase the Orgone Generator alone, please click here:
  • https://www.healthyworldstore.com/product-p/528tuningforkorgonegenerator.htm


The 528Hz Tuning Fork plays the “LOVE Frequency–528.” This is used to prompt the “relaxation response,” a “breath release,” and healing. It can also be used most effectively to balance the “heart chakra” that is linked to love or challenging relationships. You will be amazed at the instant relief this tuning fork prompts. Wave it around your head to clear your energy field of dissonant electromagnetic pollution. Wave it over your heart to balance your emotions. Use it to energize and structure water. Add prayer for the best results. Strike it and place the stem in your bath water with prayer for a spiritual “baptism.”


Strike it only on softer surfaces, never on metal, to prevent marring the fork and altering its pitch.  The rubber puck and fork holders are sold separately.

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 15 cm


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