Ayahuasca Death Cult (E-book/PDF)




AYAHUASCA DEATH CULT: The Psycho-Spiritual Delusion

Drug ‘Therapy’ for Depression, or Mind-Control for Profitable Transhumanism


Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane




1       Brave New Religion

Transhumanism is the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.

Unfortunately, the human race appears to be mentally, emotionally, and socially ill.

Contrary to science and medicine, humanity has been degenerated by drugs and technology. Opioids and iPhones demonstrate the damages that drugs and new technologies have done to human brains, IQs, and societies at large.

Aldous Huxley, the author of Brave New World, predicted this growing threat to civilization while at Harvard engaged in religious drug studies with Timothy Leary and Alan Watts. Huxley foresaw the ideal political remedy and religious elixir–a drug called “Soma”. He explained this in 1958 in Brave New World Revisited (p. 77). He covered all the topics challenging civilization today, including “Over-Population,” society’s “Quantity, Quality and Morality,” “Propaganda in a Democratic Society,” the “Arts of Selling” and “Brainwashing,” “Chemical Persuasion,” “Hypnopaedia” predicting Wikipedia, and recommending “Education for Freedom.”

This “Education for Freedom” is the mission of our research and this book.

This opening chapter introduces ‘ayahuasca’ as the new Soma.

Ayahuasca (“DMT”) is like ‘designer LSD’. It is heralded internationally as “The God Molecule”. Readers are introduced here to ayahuasca’s ‘rave culture,’ and civilization’s ‘dark enlightenment.’ Drugging for depression and erasing traumatic memories are intertwined with spiritual, religious, ‘higher consciousness.’

The ‘Ayahuasca Death Cult’ has few detractors and many backers. Its sponsors include leading industrialists, intelligence agents, governmental agencies, and global elite. Big Pharma, Big Biotech, and IT (information technology) leaders have played major roles in engineering the emergence of this new and competing religion. They all tout “hoasca” for its supposed ‘mental health benefits.’

These industrialists and their innovations are widely claimed to have helped humanity. But what if the corporate-controlled media and ‘fake news’ networks are neglecting something?

Psychedelic industrialists and rave-culture proponents have manufactured the circumstances most risky to civilization and damaging to the environment.  Can they be trusted while offering you a new way to view God? Does their drug-based religion actually awaken intelligence, promote ‘enlightenment,’ and instill ‘higher consciousness’?

Risks include the scientific and technological disadvantages that challenge ‘consciousness,’ free-will, civility, ethics, interpersonal relationships, morality and karma.

We consider these risks in forthcoming chapters, and evidence civilization devolving to join other species becoming extinct.

‘Unconsciousness’ plagues the planet, the media, and the human condition. Now those who have largely engineered these circumstances offer you ayahuasca. As they finance space projects to colonize less-spoiled planets, and invest in replacing people with robots and AI, they promote this new form of religion and ‘community medicine’ that serves like a Trojan horse.

Despite these little-known facts and neglected risks, pharmaceutics and artificial intelligence (AI) are gaining popularity as is ayahuasca.


2       MKULTRA in Hawaii’s Ayahuasca

ayahuasca death cultMKULTRA is widely-known as the CIA’s top secret ‘Mind Control’ or ‘Mind War’ program. This covert intelligence operation and its successor ‘PSYOPS’ (i.e., psychological operations) have been ongoing for decades to socially-engineer commercial and political agendas favoring ‘Deep State’ bankers and their subordinate devil-doers.

Hawaii has played a central role in MKULTRA’s military, maritime, industrial, global agendas. Not only was ayahuasca introduced to America from Hawaii through Dennis and Terrance McKenna; and not only is the bulk of illegal ayahuasca trafficked to the mainland U.S. from the Big Island of Hawaii; and not only does Hawaii play a central role in opium, methamphetamine, and human trafficking from Asia; but the CIA’s ‘Pacific Langley’ operates in and around Pearl Harbor through Naval Intelligence and Booze-Allen Hamilton.

Recall that Edward Snowden released classified National Security Agency and CIA intelligence regarding ‘data-mining’ and social engineering from Hawaii. More recently, Snowden proclaimed all widely-accepted ‘conspiracy theories’ are false. Recall the Hawaii Nuclear Ballistic Missile PSYOPS.

Substantial evidence exists of Hawaii’s key role in continuing ‘psychological operation’ (PSYOPS) consistent with Huxley’s Brave New World. Fellow CIA psychotropic drug operatives on the Big Island of Hawaii, especially Paul J. Sulla, Jr., became Terrance McKenna’s ‘successor-in-interest’ growing the ayahuasca plant that Dennis McKenna first stole from the Univ. of Hawaii. Sulla’s connection to the CIA is certified by Dr. Stanley Krippner’s Project Star Gate dream telepathy CIA contract.

Krippner was Sulla’s son’s mentor. Krippner co-authored a ‘pseudo-scientific’ publication with Sulla’s son—Paul J. Sulla, III. Krippner, on behalf of the Deep State’s agenda, published The Future of Religions in which he heralded the takeover of monotheism by hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD, psilocybin, and DMT or ayahuasca.

The Ayahuasca Death Cult has emerged from, and is mainly supplied from, Hawaii where Deep State control over government, politics, law enforcement, and the corrupted courts is staggering.


3       MKULTRA’s Sub-Project MKNAOMI

ayahuasca death cultDiverting from profitable depopulation and social engineering missions, or concealing them through media propaganda, the world’s financial elite advance pharmaceutical, chemical AND biological weapons for warfare.

Recently, the term ‘Deep State’ has replaced previous ‘shadow government’ descriptives. These include the ‘cryptocracy,’ the ‘Illuminati,’ the ‘Octopus,’ or the global ‘oligarchy.’ This ‘Deep State’, like ‘Big Brother’, plays Mind War games to direct and control society. Through the Deep State-controlled mass media, citizens are enrolled in their own demise.

This commercial enterprise embraces drugs, vaccines, mind control, and ‘healthcare’ most certainly. The Deep State’s MKULTRA subordinate project called MKNAOMI plays a crucial role here.

Cancer virology and vaccinology for depopulation are classic examples of the Deep State leveraging illnesses. ‘Crisis capitalism’ exploits cancers, infectious diseases, and the lab viruses that cause them. The vaccines supposedly preventing them are suspect. Invented or exploited diseases include AIDS, Ebola, hepatitis, herpes, measles, polio and smallpox.

That’s not to say these diseases didn’t exist; but the practices required to prevent or treat them were pseudo-scientifically imposed to accomplish the Deep State’s main mission. Covert operators and science contractors from esteemed institutions were knowingly and/or unwittingly commissioned to advance this ‘death industry’ fraud.

Harvard’s Huxley, Leary and Watts were classic examples of this official malfeasance. Simply review Charles Manson’s history and ties to mind-control drugs and the CIA’s operations in Haight Asbury.

This chapter introduces and evidences MKULTRA’s subordinate MKNAOMI program–the bioweapons cancer virology and vaccinology program administered for profitable depopulation and Deep State elites’ protection.


4       ‘Special’ Population Killers Kept Secret

This chapter briefly summarizes Dr. Horowitz’s award-winning review of the National Institutes of Health, National Research Council and National Cancer Institute’s (NCI’s) largely-funded mostly-secret Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP).

The SVCP was heavily financed by the Rockefeller-related special interests. In 1969 Dr. Henry Kissinger, as National Security Advisor under Richard Nixon and Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, ordered Admiral Zumwalt of the U.S. Navy to reassess America’s biological and chemical weapons capabilities.

All of that fell under the MKULTRA ‘umbrella.’ From this MKNAOMI bioweapons intelligence, Kissinger, under Nelson Rockefeller’s influence having also advanced at that time ‘strategic nuclear weapons’ for ‘world peace,’ selected the option to develop AIDS-like and Ebola-like bioweapons for commercial applications as well as mass depopulation.

This extraordinary chapter exposes the fraud, crimes, and genocide operating under the guise of the esteemed Nobel Prize Committee. Awards granted to ‘world leading scientists’ are completely contrived. They are also deadly and commercially profitable, as evidenced by SVCP government contracts reprinted in this chapter.

This intelligence teaches that the “standard of proof” and “degree of confidence” our society places in drugs, vaccines, doctors, the cancer industry, hospitals, and public health has been irreparably damaged by the Deep State’s fraud and criminal actions.

This is most relevant when considering or reconsidering knowledge about vaccines causing mental disorders supplementing the mental health problems that drugs cause, including hallucinogenic prescriptions such as DMT in “hoasca tea.” “General acceptance” of the alleged widely-promoted benefits of ayahuasca, like all other new drugs and vaccines being advertised on television, must be urgently reconsidered given the ‘fraudulent concealments and criminal negligence resulting in mass manslaughter and mounting genocides.


5       Deep State Degenerated Justice: The Myth of ‘Constitutional Rights’ and ‘Due Process’ in Law

ayahuasca death cultGiven Hawaii’s central importance in MKULTRA, MKNAOMI and ayahuasca (along with other mind-controlling drugs) this chapter reviews the significant contributions Hawaii’s ‘favorite son’ Senator Daniel Inouye made to the Deep State’s population control agendas.

Inouye chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee between 1976 and 1979 (when HIV/AIDS and Ebola viruses first emerged from CIA-contractor labs.) Inouye’s alleged criminal negligence and Deep State complicity is considered intertwined with the international drug and human trafficking trades. From Inouye, and the media he and his Deep State collaborators spun, Americans learned how corrupt the intelligence community had become during the 1960s-80s. After investigating the Iran-Contra affair in 1987, Inouye stated:

         “[There exists] a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”

The actual conspiracies Inouye tolerated and concealed extended far beyond partisan politics. Inouye’s dark involvements were evidenced by his omissions, misrepresentations, and frank fraud.

The ‘bigger picture’ concealed had everything to do with the global economy and Deep State’s racketeering enterprise.

Through Inouye and UMass Amherst political science professor, John Brigham, a troubled Hawaiian named Billy Kenoi was groomed for the Deep State’s drug trade. The Deep State needed certain corrupted people to administer their drug trafficking ports in Hilo and Honolulu. These were especially vulnerable to outside mob bosses, and valid (albeit impotent) law enforcers. For the Hilo stronghold, Inouye and the drug cartel selected and sponsored Kenoi.

The rest of this chapter evidences how the global ‘Drug Cartel’ traffics narcotics, including ayahuasca, under the protection of political puppets and sham ‘law enforcers’ in Honolulu and Washington, DC.


6       Barack Obama and Deep State Control Over Paradise

ayahuasca death cultAnother purported ‘favorite son’ of Hawaii was Barack Obama. This chapter, largely derived from investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, reviews Obama’s Deep State family ties to the CIA and Bank of Hawaii.

This chapter provides probable cause to reconsider President Trump’s rebuke by the State of Hawaii attorney general Douglas Chin and federal Judge Derick Watson in opposition to increasing border security. Both men acted to block Trump’s proposed border security legislation that would have put far stricter surveillance in Honolulu and Hilo harbors and airports through which drugs and humans are trafficked. Judge Watson ruled against Trump within hours of an “unscheduled visit” by Barack Obama to Honolulu.

This chapter also exposes the rampant judicial corruption in Hawaii damaging people across America and overseas. Obama’s parents and grandparents are tracked to a number of CIA front operations. These included the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Ford Foundation.

This chapter lays the foundation for the following six chapters that delve deeply into Hawaii’s past and present mob control over the Ayahuasca Death Cult.


7       Hawaiian Last King Kalakaua Killed by Drugs

ayahuasca death cultThis chapter provides an eye-opening medical-legal review of the forensic and historic facts surrounding the alleged manslaughter of the last Hawaiian King, Kalakaua, who was killed by drugs while under the care of U.S. Navy Surgeon General of the Pacific Fleet, Dr. George W. Woods.

The King was enroute to  San Diego to establish an opium trading steam ship enterprise with China in direct competition with the Boston Brahman and Deep State banking colonialists in England. Pearl Harbor was also up for grabs by the maritime traders and their elite backers.

This history lesson lays the foundation for understanding the depth of Deep State commercial and military corruption stifling everything in Hawaii other than the insiders’ racketeering.


8       The Ayahuasca Kingpin’s Links to the CIA

Ayahuasca’s leading supplier to the mainland U.S. according to insider admissions and affidavits is kingpin Paul J. Sulla, Jr, and his son, Paul J. Sulla, III (aka Joseph “Jose” Sulla).

This chapter details how we became aware of the Sulla-crime-family’s ayahuasca enterprise and its ties to Deep State operations in Brazil, Columbia, New Mexico, Canada and elsewhere supported by the CIA.

How we became involved in investigating these matters is detailed in this chapter. Dr. Horowitz had no idea he was being ‘set up for a fall’ when he was solicited to purchase a one-of-a-kind geothermal spa property in Hawaii’s ‘drug capitol’–Pahoa.  The Big Island seller was a drug trafficker and Sulla’s “client.” Dr. Horowitz did not know that he was purchasing this property from the Hawaii mob that operates central to the Deep State’s narco-empire.

Sulla was in the business of setting up fake “churches” for tax evasion and real estate conversion schemes, facilitating drug money laundering. Sulla registered  THE ECLECTIC CENTER OF UNIVERSAL FLOWING LIGHT-PAULO ROBERTOSILVA E SOUZA (CEFLUPARSS) in alliance with the infamous Jeffrey Bronfman, who similarly named his New Mexico and Canadian ayahuasca churches as detailed in later chapters. Both crime families include members indicted for sex crimes.  Sulla’s son, and fellow ayahuasca ‘family therapist’, Jasun, awaits trial (at the time of this writing) on charges of child pornography and soliciting sex with minors.


9       Deep State Ayahuasca Kingpin Destroys Kauai Community Intelligence

ayahuasca death cultThis chapter connects Sulla’s devil-doing in Hawaii to Hollywood and its “music industry heavy-weights,” Richard Ferdnandez and Jon Scott. Scott is a leading publicity agent for the NBC/Universal Music Group that is heavily implicated in Deep State organized crimes. Building from here, later chapters detail the associations of NBC, MSNBC and Bill Gates’s Microsoft ‘Lucifarian enterprise’ advancing the Ayahuasca Death Cult.

Scott promoted on his resume his ‘discovery’ of Tom Petty. Scott also claimed to have launched the careers of superstars ZZ Top and Otis Redding. Scott supposedly catapulted David Bowie to stardom.

These men worked with Sulla to infiltrate and overtake the KKCR community radio station and its organization. Superstar Eagle, Glenn Frey, was among KKCR’s leading financiers, all defrauded and damaged by Sulla’s involvements.

This chapter provides substantial evidence of Sulla’s agency in the MKULTRA-driven music industry; the ayahuasca ‘rave culture’ being heavily engaged in music, drumming, ‘trance formation,’ ‘ecstatic dancing’, and certain neuro-stimulating DNA-resonating frequencies.

The alleged reckless manslaughter of the station’s founder, Janet Friend, by Sulla, Scott and Ferdnandez is revealed. These men acted to defame, distress, and remove Friend from the founding group, the Kekahu Foundation, Inc. Their persecution of Friend resulted in her illness and death.

This KKCR story compounds evidence and awareness of Sulla’s criminality as the nation’s leading supplier of ayahuasca. The supposed ‘spiritual,’ ‘religious,’ or ‘consciousness raising’ reputation of ayahuasca and its “church” administration contrast sharply with this star-studded hypocrisy featuring organized crime.


10      Sulla’s Shocking Immunity and Ayahuasca Church Secured by Hawaii Supreme Court Officials

ayahuascaThis chapter reveals a shocking history of judicial corruption in Hawaii that has indemnified Sulla and his cohorts in crimes against multiple civil and criminal prosecutions.

The courts, attorney general’s office, and local prosecutors have enabled the illegal flow of drugs to the mainland by ‘safe-harboring’ Sulla and his partners.

The recorded nonfeasance and malfeasance presented here shows a pattern and practice of Supreme Court of Hawaii and Third Circuit (‘Drug Court’) officials aiding-and-abetting Sulla, and further victimizing Sulla’s numerous victims across the state and mainland.

The criminal complicity, obstruction of justice, and even evidence tampering, is brought to light in this revealing chapter. We draw on first hand personal experience writing this truth. We witnessed ‘public corruption’ extending from the leading lawyer-disciplinary director, Bradley Tamm and his agency, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, to the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, Mark Recktenwald whose bench is embroiled in a sex scandal case with the ‘Portlock Madam‘ and her infamous attorney, Gary Victor Dubin.

All of this favored the Deep State’s illegal drug trade, and the local ‘Judicial Racket’ precluding justice for massive numbers of victims.


11      America’s Leading Foreclosure Fraud Expert

Gary Victor Dubin happens to be the nation’s leading foreclosure fraud celebrity broadcasting weekly on iHeart Radio as advertised on Fox News, MSNBC and elsewhere at huge expense. Unbeknownst to us when we hired him, Dubin was convicted of tax evasion in a case intertwined with the Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos who was protected by the CIA against FBI investigation.

We hired Dubin in 2010 to stop Sulla’s illegal non-judicial foreclosure used to steal our spa. Instead of doing what Dubin promised, Dubin stabbed us in the back like he did with countless other clients. Dubin enabled Sulla’s theft scheme and drug trafficking enterprise.

If that’s not bad enough, this chapter takes an incredible twist when we learned that the ODC Director, Bradley Tamm, and his boss, the Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald, obstructed justice that was attempted to be administered by honest hard-working ODC investigators who had filed to disbar Dubin.

Meanwhile, the FBI and DEA acted willfully-blind to all the above.

This chapter details a virtual Tom Clancy novel intertwined with the Deep State’s narco-empire and illegal sex trade.


12      The Godfathers of Dope Paradise

ayahuasca death cultOn November 20, 2017, Dr. Horowitz mailed an Open Letter to President Trump 11-20-17, his then Attorney General, Jefferson B. Session, and others in the Trump administration responding to their declaration of a “National Emergency”–the “Opioid Crisis.”

Horowitz’s correspondence included a link to a petition that citizens were encouraged to sign to “Demand Relief from Drug Related Crimes” and a video titled the Godfathers of Dope Paradise that the doctor prepared in honor of the public awareness that The Eagles, Don Henle and Glenn Frey, brought in their moving saga titled, “The Last Resort.”

This enlightening correspondence and chapter implores federal justice officials to do what no previous administration has done–stop the flow of drugs, especially ayahuasca and opium, from Hawaii to the mainland.


13      Ayahuasca, the Media, Predictive Programming, Frequencies, Hypnotronics, and Transhuman Impositions


This chapter evidences the ‘capture’ of the DEA, FDA, and other government agencies by the CIA and Deep State advancing the Ayahuasca Death Cult in favor of their narco-empire.

You learn that Leanne Standish, a professor at the Bastyr University Research Institute in Seattle, was granted federal and persuasive media support for an FDA study on ayahuasca as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. The FDA is evidenced running a little-known ayahuasca research facility, apparently using the original plants that Dennis McKenna hijacked from the University of Hawaii.

Meanwhile, pro-ayahuasca propaganda is exploding across all over the Internet and ‘fake news’ media courtesy of the Deep State’s key IT providers, Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

The Hollywood horror film about ayahuasca, Midsommar (pronounced ‘Mid-Soma-r’) was used to promote awareness of the drug and its use by groups worldwide. This propaganda was supplemented by singer Katy Perry, who performed “Never Really Over [Love]”–positively promoting the use of hypnotherapy and ayahuasca to remedy heartaches.

Perry’s production evidenced Deep State complicity in advancing the Huxley-like Soma rave culture. “’I’ve got to rewire my brain,’ Perry’s lyrics encourage. Backed-up by mostly percussion, Perry’s performance featured “a cheeky ayahuasca-style ceremony” that appears, like the movie Midsommar, to reflect Sulla’s “religious” congregation.

This chapter examines the Deep State’s media firestorm of propaganda on both sides of the ayahuasca debate. Some are frightful. Others are uplifting. Dr. Horowitz brings his scholarly analysis and expertise to this duality that he concludes is consistent with the standard method used for social-engineering—the ‘Hegelian dialectic.’ It is based on conditioning and the behavioral-science of confusing people into apathetic submission.


14      Academia and Ayahuasca: Strange Bedfellows Get Stranger

The scientific background and medical credentials of those leading the movement to advance psychedelics is not generally or particularly impressive, commented the leading medical doctor who proposed the new category for federal narcotics scheduling of hallucinogenic drugs, Rick J. Strassman M.D.

This chapter reviews the agents, agencies, and institutions at the forefront of promoting ayahuasca’s claimed benefits in medicine and mental health. The review features Johns Hopkins and New York University faculty, both institutions with infamous involvements in MKULTRA and MKNAOMI covert operations.

Right wing and leftist organizations’ propaganda and political influence is examined among those affirming or contesting ayahuasca’s liberalization. Featured among the parade of liberal advocates is the Open Society Foundations (OSF), founded and financed by George Soros, This presented a network of more than 20 national and regional foundations promoting much more than marijuana.

Presumably built on Soros’ “anti-capitalist redistributionist political philosophies,” that organization alone donates nearly a billion dollars annually “to left-wing organizations.” It is documented here aiding-and-abetting totalitarianism and fascist control by the global elite holding stock in Big Pharma and investing in the “Dark Enlightenment” drugs as examined below.


15      Censoring and Smearing Opposition Through Media Nepotism in the Death Cult

Largely prompted by Vimeo having censored our RevolutionTelevision.net video channel, this chapter extends the previous analysis of major shareholder in the Soros Fund Management, LLC, including “IAC”—the IAC/InterActiveCorp.
This company is directed by Deep State Clinton proponent and Trump nemesis, Barry Diller.

This chapter busts the bubble of false public perceptions surrounding all political debates. Left versus right divisions are orchestrated by the same globalists. Political puppets on both sides of the isle dominate debate.

Democratic Party financier Barry Diller started IAC, and the Fox Broadcasting Company, and USA Broadcasting, and many more successful startups. Among the highest paid executives in America, Diller is responsible for what the media calls, “The Killer Dillers” – those media executives who Diller mentored.

Examples of this Hollywood cult and media nepotism advancing the ayahuasca alternative to traditional religions were provided by Wikipedia. They include “Michael Eisner (who was President of Paramount Pictures while Diller was its Chairman & CEO, and went on to become Chairman & CEO of The Walt Disney Company), Dara Khosrowshahi (CEO of Uber), Dawn Steel (future head of Columbia Pictures and one of the first women to run a major movie studio, who worked under Diller at Paramount), Jeffrey Katzenberg (head of DreamWorks Animation, principal of DreamWorks SKG, former head of Walt Disney Studios, and a head of production of Paramount under Diller), Garth Ancier, President of BBC America, and Don Simpson, who was President of Production at Paramount under Diller and Eisner and later went on to run a production company based on the Disney lot with Jerry Bruckheimer.

This chapter examines Diller’s and IAC’s connections and operations with leading World Bank officials including co-directors of IAC, Chelsea Clinton and ayahuasca kingpin Jeffrey Bronfman’s cousin, Edgar Bronfman, Jr. They largely control the world of entertainment promoting artificial intelligence (AI). The Bill Gates-affiliated Microsoft [MS]NBC/Universal Music Group, and much more, are not to be overlooked.

This racketeering enterprise is shown to advance the darkest and deadliest genocides damaging civilization today under the guises of “public health” and “news anchors.”


16      Silicon Valley, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intro to ‘Dark Enlightenment’

ayahuasca death cultElemental silica provides a crystalline lattice, much like quartz and ‘structured water,’ suitable for storing and recalling data—intelligence—memory of mathematical representations of information suitable for recalling or programming reality.

Ayahuasca enthusiasts frequently use the language of technology, explained The New Yorker. “In Silicon Valley, . . . everyone suffers from neo-mania.” That’s why ayahuasca for reprogramming neuroscience, consciousness, and memory go hand-in-hand with Silicon Valley devotees.

This chapter interlaces artificial intelligence (AI), neuroscience, Big Pharma and the “rave scene” that has evolved much more than its electronic dance music parties.

For thousands of people around the world, the rave scene has become an important source of so-called ‘spirituality’ and the closest thing people have to a religion, proponents advertise.

Helped by the MAPS organization (i.e., the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), here we consider Silicon Valley’s  Sacred Center, and publications promoting the rave scene together with “ecstatic trance-dance celebrations” that use frequency energized pulsing electronic beats. Participants are said to have “the deepest spiritual experience of their lives.”

Advocates encourage Trance Formation (as though people are not already in a mass-mediated ‘trance state’ courtesy of MKULTRA and the mind-numbing media). “The global rave culture [i]s an authentic expression of a unifying spiritual vision that integrates across all languages, religions and nationalities,” the propaganda reads.

Trance states and altered states of consciousness are claimed available to remedy our “sadly fractured world.” Ayahuasca and rave cult proponents “paint a compelling portrait of the global rave culture as an important new religious and spiritual phenomenon that also serves as a template for mapping the future evolution of new forms of religion and spirituality in the twenty-first century.”

In the words of scholarly analyst, Dr. Robin Sylvan, humanity deserves to take “an ethnographically rich look into the spiritual dimensions of rave culture from a theoretically informed religious studies perspective.” This scientific view synthesizes the “spiritual world of sound, sight, motion, and deep trance.”

Neglected, however, are the geopolitical and financial forces competing for members in the religious world. Not addressed is the need to divert public attention and ‘consciousness’ from the emergence of AI integrating ‘consciousness algorithms’ and overtaking civilization while consumers and victims alike enjoy their self-absorbed drug-induced ‘trance states’ along with sports and entertainment on commercial television.

Here, in this liberalizing ‘reality,’ anything goes.

Accordingly, this chapter transitions from the rave culture to the NXIVM New Age sex cult financed by the Bronfman sisters, ayahuasca cult leader Jeffrey Bronfman’s other cousins.


17      Peter Thiel, Compass Pathways, and Psychedelic Capitalism for AI Sentience

This chapter introduces ‘ayahuasca neuroscience’ and its relationship to Silicon Valley’s leading data-miner, AI sentience developer, and psychedelic drug entrepreneur, Peter Thiel.

Thiel personifies the Ayahuasca Death Cult probably better than anyone, even Bill Gates. Given Thiel’s mastery of the military business community, AI data processing, and psychedelic drug capitalism, this chapter is most revealing.

Thiel was reared to become the synthesizer of brain chemicals influencing human behavior integrated with AI data mining for the same purpose of population control.

Thiel’s chief commercial ventures in the data-mining startup industry included the Palantir company. Thiel’s activity in Palantir intertwines with the dark history of Big Pharma, IBM and the Nazi Party.

Disregarding that history, the U.S. government became Thiel’s chief client. The National Security Administration (NSA), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are among a baker’s dozen of federal agencies that Palantir serves, all relying on Thiel.

And Thiel’s services match, like hand-in-glove, those of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) advancing “Electroceutical Research.” At the time of this writing, DARPA was advancing the first seven research projects in its Electrical Prescriptions (ElectRx) program. Heralding advancing robotics and transhumanism, DARPA’s enterprise “seeks to reframe the approach to modern medicine and chronic illness. By studying and treating the body as a system of electrical circuits, scientists may be able to develop more effective methods for managing diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and traumatic battlefield injuries and psychological conditions,” their propaganda heralds.

Accordingly, Thiel has invested heavily in hallucinogenic drug research and developments, and is currently poised to monopolize the psilocybin pill market.


18      Business Insiders Promote the Brave New PROMIS

This chapter exposes the complicity, duplicity, and consumer fraud of Thiel’s propaganda mill, Business Insider, and writer Erin Brodwin. She is “a senior health and tech reporter,” covering Silicon Valley’s start-ups, especially Peter Thiel’s.  Atai Life Sciences is one such company that owns a large stake in  Compass Pathways, which is backed by Thiel.

According to Brodwin, top psychedelic scientists say ‘the climate’s looking good’ for magic mushrooms and MDMA (3,4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine, commonly known as ecstasy or molly) to be turned into medicines by Thiel and the world’s billionaires.

This chapter examines Brodwin’s voice as the Deep State’s Lucifarian mind-control, transhumanism, and the AI psychedelic drug sales prostitute. After joining Business Insider in September 2014 as a ‘science reporter,’ she covered the Western African Ebola epidemic, neglecting MKNAOMI, ‘Ebolagate’ and the lab virus intelligence published by Dr. Horowitz that same year, available at the click of her mouse.

In 2017, Brodwin declared the benefits of killing the human ego and “fundamentally transform[ing] the brain” through neuroscience advancements and drugs. She referenced her source of ‘valid intelligence’ the Rockefeller-controlled World Bank-influenced World Health Organization. Here, Brodwin advocated for the ultimate PSYOPS—the perfect most profitable covert MKULTRA mind-control and population control scheme leveraging psychiatry and psychedelic ‘medicine’—favoring the Ayahuasca Death Cult.



19      Luciferian Hypocrisy: Hail Satan?

The Church of Satan is alive, well, obviously represented in the Ayahuasca Death Cult. This chapter examines the clear-and-present relationships between the emergence of this unified cult and Luciferian hypocrisy personified by Hail Satan? filmmakers Penny Lane and her attorney side-kick, Brian Frye.

Lane’s and Frye’s actions are exposed in this chapter intertwined with Deep State MKULTRA and MKNAOMI social engineering and profitable depopulation. Lane acts at the forefront of ‘thought control’ as reflected in her films, opposition to vaccine risk-awareness, and distaste for the documentary VAXXED. 

Lane and the McChrystal group pressured actor Robert De Niro to “pull” VAXXED from the Tribecca Film Festival. Damages cause by vaccines to children, families, and the economy burdened by skyrocketing costs of special education for brain-damaged victims of ‘modern medicine,’ are all neglected by Luciferian activist Lane. Alternatively, she encourages ‘radical Satanists’ who ritualistically torture, assault, kill, dismember, and drink the blood of children with no remorse.

Through Lane, we grasp the full measure of psychopathic corruption by which the media turns good into bad and bad into even more lawless practices.

This chapter makes an easy transition from Lane to CNN’s anchor, Anderson Vanderbilt-Cooper and Jeffrey Epstein/John Podesta’s Pizzagate ilk celebrating the “red shoes club” of blood ritual practitioners sacrificing, exploiting, abusing, and killing children every way possible.


20      Underworld Commerce in the Ayahuasca Death Racket

IT industrialists and consciousness neuroscientists are similarly financed in the racketeering enterprise advancing the Ayahuasca Death Cult.

In 2019, The New Yorker published Pulitzer Prize winner Ronan Farrow’s excursion into the ‘pit of hell’—academia—where intelligence is subverted by money and power. Demonically possessed by conflicting interests, the world’s most esteemed institutions have been poisoned by the rich-and-famous, destroying all reputability in the arts, sciences, judicial system, law enforcement, and ethical sanity throughout society.

Farrow’s article was titled, “How an Élite University Research Center Concealed Its Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.” He analyzed documents that showed M.I.T. Media Lab—considered the most influential neuroscience, media mind-control, and social-engineering research and development agency—was “aware of Epstein’s status as a convicted sex offender.” Yet, officials bent-over-backwards to conceal Epstein’s influence.

The MIT and Harvard criminal malfeasance favored the Deep State’s population control mission. Public management under the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), with human consciousness anesthetized by drugs, television, sexual lusts, and frequency weapons broadcasting through the corrupted media and music industry especially, transitioned civilization into the Brave New World Order predicted by Huxley.

This chapter transits from MIT, Harvard, and Epstein, to Bill Gates and Leon Black–Epstein’s friends, business associates, and leading investors in the AI revolution and expanding pharmaceutical genocides.

Microsoft’s pioneer was initially financed by IBM with its dark history in early data processing for the Rockefeller Cartel and Third Reich. Nazi Germany allied with IBM was served by Peter Thiel’s father. Neglecting this background intelligence, Gates is mostly credited for IT and digital services through MSN—the Microsoft Network–that few people realize advanced MKULTRA (mind-control) and social engineering with what was called “PROMIS software” as explained in this chapter.

Now, the MS-Apple partnership exercises a virtual monopoly with Google and Facebook empowering the intelligence agencies through ‘data-mining,’ smut-gathering, and message censoring, for bribing and controlling officials; all advancing the Deep State, as Epstein was known to do.


21      Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein and Philanthropic Psychopaths

This chapter continues coverage of the Deep State’s investments AI while merging ‘consciousness’ neuroscience into their product lines. The leading suspects in global genocide compete in ‘religious commerce ’ by promoting ‘entheogens,’ including DMT, LSD and psilocybin hallucinogens; and they do so mainly through ‘philanthropic’ entities.

We administer here a classic study in the Deep State’s propaganda for damage control that conceals the outrageously demonic mischief administered by leaders in these fields. These scientists and scholars are presumed to be at the forefront of so-called ‘humanitarian’ foundations and institutions. But they present with criminal psychopathic symptoms and promote deadly commercial outcomes.

Here we present further evidence of Bill Gates’s criminal psychopathology aligned with Jeffrey Epstein’s insanity. These devil-doers’ actions parallel financially-intertwined leaders in the aforementioned sex and drug trades, including Epstein’s connections to Edgar Bronfman, Jr., evidenced by examining Epstein’s “Black Book.” Inscribed here were major players in the ‘Deep State’ that we first reported in 2018.


22      AI Algorithms and the Illusion of Fair Trade

In this chapter we critically examine how social control is being increasingly engineered online. Fakespot.com is advertised to be among the world’s most reliable consumer product review services. This “service” was brought to our attention by a bewildered customer of CureShoppe.com. She contacted us regarding the “F” rating that Dr. Horowitz’s pioneering product OxySilverTM (OxySilver.com) received by presumably Fakespot’s artificial intelligence (“AI”).

Here is evidence that Fakespot.com operates deceptively to defraud online shoppers in favor of Big Pharma and Bill Gates’s racketeering enterprise.

Here we disclose Fakespot’s damaging smearing of natural products and services. The service undermines public health and cost-controls in medicine—a dysfunction that prospers entrepreneurs operating from India. The villains include Saoud Khalifah, Doc Parghi, and Sashi Reddi who designed or financed the Fakespot.com fraud concealing Bill Gates’s Microsoft alliance.

The advertised AI generates the precise consumer confusions and illusions that the demonic globalists cherish. The Fakespot service compounds unethical and lethal controls over populations and online shopping habits. These facts provide a classic example of the abuse of AI in unfair and deceptive trade that is increasingly being ‘generally accepted’ throughout the world of e-commerce.

This public notice fulfills the authors’ public duty to prevent people from being ripped-off, damaged, defrauded, made ill, or dying from Fakespot.com’s website.



23      Deep State, Big Pharma, AI & Consolidating Global Control

Now that earlier chapters firmly established that the Ayahuasca Death Cult is financed and promoted by the same Deep State corporate and banking elite controlling sex and drug trades along with e-commerce, we address the nuts and bolts of social engineering through media programming automatically administered by AI, fusing neuroscience and consciousness for corrupt commerce.

To administer this global control over consumers’ behavior, ‘sentiment analysis’ is used as detailed in the last chapter exposing Fakespot.com. Sentiment analysis is the “automated process that uses AI to identify positive, negative, and neutral opinions from text,” such as in customer reviews and opinion/editorials. This is well explained by MonkeyLearn—the selected WordPress user guide firm whose “mission is to democratize Machine Learning technologies.”

Co-founded by CEO Raúl Garreta, a professor of “Machine Learning and NLP”—natural language programming—his passion for building products and businesses around Silicon Valley inspired a helpful tool that website developers use to choose words and phrases for search-engine optimization (SEO), to gain more traffic and sales.

Reflecting on Brave New World and 1984, ‘thought criminals’ who openly opposed Big Pharma’s drug and vaccine intoxications must be censored. This censorship is much like Penny Lane encouraged for Lucifarian motives.

Now we see the Ayahuasca Death Cult for what it is. It is more than a rave cult enterprise. It is the natural extension (and metaphor) for the Deep State controlling consciousness–the ‘dark enlightenment’–suppressing pure, natural spirituality in the advent of AI, robotics, transhumanism, and civilization based on command and control networks, covert intelligence operations, and insidious warfare.

In this context, we review Eric Schmidt’s Google’, its parent Alphabet, expansion of Google Ideas into a technology incubator called Jigsaw. “The team’s mission,”Schmidt wrote, “is to use technology to tackle the toughest geopolitical challenges, from countering violent extremism to thwarting [or administering] online censorship, to mitigating the threats associated with digital attacks.”

Within this secret, broad-sweeping, racketeering enterprise creating and altering reality using the media, in 2017 Jigsaw and Google launched the free Perspective API, a tool for publishers and broadcasters to identify “toxic comments that can undermine a civil exchange of ideas.” Herein, Google defined toxic “as how likely a comment is to make someone leave a conversation.

In this context, social engineering and thought control, as well as the suppression of intelligence and consciousness, is administered to get people to leave Big Brother’s covert and contrived ‘conversation,’ or otherwise restrict freedom and free will.


24      Ayahuasca Victims are Deprived of Life, Liberty & Justice

This final chapter details our personal experiences over many years in which we were censored, and free will deprived, by the Deep State.

Here we detail what happened to us personally as victims and whistleblowers damaged by state and federal law enforcers and judges who either neglected their duties, or were shut down by their superiors in efforts to aid-and-abet the Ayahuasca Death Cult.

We review a number of cases in which people died from an ayahuasca ‘journey.’ We name FBI and DEA agents and officials who must be held accountable for their complicity in organized crimes committed by Sulla, Bronfman, and their allies in illegal drug trade.

We track today’s explosion of sham ayahuasca shamans, naive users, and psycho-addicted abusers, beyond Sulla and the Bronfmans to Paulo Roberto Silva e Souza in Brazil. We provide irrefutable evidence of the CIA’s MKULTRA exploitation of the clinics and training programs from which this pioneer of DMT’s “religious use” emerged. All of this ‘therapeutic practice and medical science’ appears to have been contrived, manufactured and controlled by Western Intelligence agents and agencies.

We conclude the Ayahuasca Death Cult is a total scam. It is always dangerous, often damaging, and sometimes deadly.

This is especially so as practiced by Sulla and presumably the Bronfmans too–the models and leaders of the Ayahuasca Death Cult.

Their “churches” parallel Jim Jones’s Jonestown congregation. Sheeple who have lost their sense of self seek to recover themselves in balance in hallucinogenic ‘journeys’ induced by starving the brain of oxygen. The Jonestown massacre was a forerunner to the nativity of the ayahuasca community.

The secreted scientific agenda and organized administration of the cult that we unearthed is akin to degenerating human brains to administer global genocide. Self-loathing drug and sex-crazed psychopaths who fear reality thus assert whatever power they can muster are the leaders and victims of this racket. They each fear and neglect taking a good hard look at themselves, and the real science explaining the intoxication reaction.

Denial is of such truths are a part of Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s ‘death and dying model.’ Those in denial defend their ignorance writing angry reviews about our work revealing these facts. They hate our conclusion. Ayahuasca’s benefits can be better gained by Kriya Yoga. The lethal, unethical, immoral, degenerative, sometimes deadly and certainly demonic risks of ayahuasca rituals can be avoided using other ‘natural’ spiritual practices.

The leading officials in this unconscionable enterprise fear and oppose actual natural spirituality and native ‘consciousness’ growing in the awakening masses. Their Ayahuasca Death Cult is a counter-movement for Deep State survival.

In this context, “higher consciousness” and “spirituality” has been perverted by the cult. The ayahuasca religion substitutes intoxication and the risk of demonic possession for monotheism. Congregations are placed under the influence of hypoxia and nerve damage. The powerful drug physiologically stimulates and simulates real death by poisoning. The body, mind, imagination, intuition, free will, emotions and spirit is indelibly polluted along with perceived reality by the overdose of DMT and cross-reacting chemicals.

It’s like high definition television compared with real ‘living color’. The ‘pay-per-view’ channel, albeit seductive, costs something.

Security for the entrepreneurs who commit and commercialize this religious world challenge is assured by the cult. The leaders advance pseudo-science, confusion, resulting in social divisions great for depopulation, not healing. Devolving devotees into a state of technological and pharmaceutical dependence favoring fascism is the objective.

That’s our opinion and conclusion.

If you don’t like our conclusion, if it makes you angry as we have seen regularly among ayahuasca devotees, here is our advice:  Look at yourself in your bathroom mirror. Get to know, accept, and love yourself this natural way. If that doesn’t turn you on, buy a cheap water color paint set, and add colors on the mirror to color your appearance.

Wow! What a simple, awakening and creative experience. You can do this whenever you want, at little-to-no cost, then wash it away whenever you don’t like the imagery.

The AYAHUASCA DEATH CULT Book  (Editor’s Edition, 2019; 581 pages) is available in a downloadable interactive pdf with links to references and a helpful index section.


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