Scientific facts in the multi-disciplinary fields of genetics, quantum physics, and electro-chemistry solidly prove your physical body is, what Dr. Leonard Horowitz calls, “a crystallization, or precipitation, of love vibrations.” Electrical and magnetic frequencies, and substantially sound, sourcing from what amounts to a “Universal Orchestra” moves mountains of physical matter along paths of least resistance flowing into sacred geometric forms that you perceive as the physical world. Here you can use this knowledge for personbal and global healing is the focus of this monumental work by an award-winning author and filmmaker, internatinoally recognized public health expert.

Widely known as healthcare’s most riveting and controversial motivational speaker, Dr. Horowitz exposes the historically infamous, operationally covert, and repeatedly untrustworthy “Pirates of the Sacred Spiral.” These operatives now control genetic patents and spin-off technologies that threaten civilization’s natural evolution, and even our ‘Divine destiny.’ The greatest risk of manipulation threatened extinction is at hand. What will the future hold for you, your family, and humanity.

Read this incredible book filled with compelling truths for answers and expanded meaning of life. Sacred secreted knowledge about your natural genetic inheritance is included herein–truth that are optimally freeing! View the evidence. Learn the facts. Enroll in what Dr. Horwotiz asserts is a “planetary spirtual renaissance.”

This book helps in the recovery of creative consciousness through Divine inspiration and genetic expression.



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