LOVE: The Real da Vinci CODE (Hardcover)


LOVE the Real Da Vinci CODE is prompting a natural healing revolution worldwide. In this astonishing and monumental book, “World Leading Intellectual,” Dr. Leonard Horowitz, decrypts Leonardo Da Vinci’s most famous drawing, The Vitruvian (Wo)Man that provides the most powerful knowledge for recreating yourself in perfect health vibrationally, musically and mathematically, with LOVE. This book provides practical knowledge and exercises to regain your physical harmony and health most rapidly. It maps your way to spiritual, metaphysical, and theological integrity, most definitely. Written to serve evolution for Divine-human communion, personal empowerment, and a life full of miraculous manifestations, the hardcover book, or e-book is available here.

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  • This self-help exercise book accompanies Dr. Horowitz’s 2-hour DVD called “The LOVE CODE.” Both products are available in a Package Special. After reading and viewing these offerings, you will want to surround yourself with music played in the “key of LOVE,” 528Hz frequency available now in several albums sold through this webstore.This information and the results of its myriad applications will amaze you. THIS KNOWLEDGE IS KEY TO SHIFTING PARADIGMS FOR BETTER HEALTH AND SAFETY. The book and DVD will have you and your loved-ones celebrating the best news the planet has seen since the Renaissance.LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE explains Da Vinci�s greatest secrets and provides simple exercises to do what he did�expand brain function and �heart�mind� connection to empower �future vision,� spark creative talents, and generate genius in the arts and sciences.This knowledge provides the secret sacred wisdom with which to optimize success in life, rapidly fulfill personal and career goals, and spiritually engage the �grand unification� of man and nature. Herein explained is the Divinely-directed spirit of LOVE (528Hz)–the free flowing frequency of musical energy that manifests prosperity in all ways, including money. Dr. Horowitz prays humanity will use this knowledge to facilitate the greatest global transformation in history.Indeed, there is a real Da Vinci code�a secret sacred set of numbers and symbols fundamental to all languages that activates healing, inspires creative genius, and engages prophetic vision. This empowering code was missing from Dan Brown�s famous novel and movie, The Da Vinci Code. The fact is these truths are so freeing that some people don�t want you to know or use them.In LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE, Harvard-trained researcher, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, makes an unprecedented contribution. Honored by the World Organization for Natural Medicine as a �World Leading Intellectual,� the award-winning author of sixteen books has now cracked the real Da Vinci code.
    Exercising this knowledge can produce prosperity and a healthier destiny for users of this knowledge and wisdom.LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE reveals the sacred music, creative mathematics, and Divine language empowering the Laws of physics, chemistry, spirituality, and more. Dr. Horowitz spent more than a quarter century researching healthy human development. His previous books, Walk on Water, DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, and Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, featured the �musical-mathematics of intelligent design underlying evolution of the species.�His research into LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE was prompted by his discovery of a � Perfect Circle of Sound� hidden within Da Vinci�s most famous drawing�The Vitruvian Man. The Vitruvian Man is Da Vinci�s artistic rendering of your perfect self in universal balance and Divine communion.
  • This knowledge bridges all religious and cultural divides. Besides being influenced by the Roman Catholic Church, Da Vinci�s philosophical and theological teachers were Plato, Pythagoras, and Vitruvius, each masters of musical-mathematics, Dr. Horowitz explains.
  • From their research, Leonardo tapped into the core creative sounds of the universe, or the �Master Matrix.� This is called the � Kingdom of Heaven � in religious circles. This inspired Da Vinci�s creative genius, prophetic vision, and �Universal Man� (Vitruvian Man) training taught in this enabling self-development guide.
  • The precept that a Christ-like �Renaissance Man� is reachable in each of us is what Leonardo researched and epitomized in many ways. His basic practices are explained in this book.LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE details the principle that language is foremost a creative technology. All languages, and the sounds of music, are based on math. English for instance, like earlier �sacred� languages, has letter/number equivalents or an �alpha-numeric code.� Da Vinci is known to have written �backwords,� or encoded many manuscripts with reversed writings. He did this, according to the stunning evidence revealed for the first time herein, to compensate for the strict conditions of his time�the Dark Ages�from whence the Renaissance emerged.
  • Today, Da Vinci�s secret knowledge�this creative technology�is urgent for a planet in desperate need of visionary leaders and people, like you, who wish to better themselves, heal the ecosphere, and save civilization for degeneration and extinction.Your opportunity here is much like the one Bill Gates had before beginning Microsoft. His exclusive knowledge keyed a revolution in communications and computer science. LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE puts you on the ground floor of revolutionizing everything �on Earth as it is in Heaven.�Quotes from The Real Da Vinci Code:LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE . . . gives you the opportunity to open creativity�s communication channel through which sublime inspiration flows. It serves as the enabling mechanism for Divine communion, empowering prophetic vision and technological innovation. It is the cosmic Law by which super humans synchronously live in peace and potentially bliss.
  • �These core creative musical tones or energies form the basis for the real Da Vinci code�
  • This knowledge is inherently empowering and Divinely transformative. It has been overlooked, even heavily suppressed, for
  • millennia. . . . The Renaissance Man shall overcome the Illuminati.
  • “LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE” is fundamental to creationistic science, healing, economic success, spiritual evolution, and planetary salvation. Its unique sounds fill the Kingdom of Heaven , and you, with Love and creative energy. Entrainment with this Matrix brings you heart-to-heart, in intimate contact, with the Spirit of God.
  • �Here are the keys to creative genius and reasons for singing them responsibly. . . . “LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE” decrypts the full meaning of The Vitruvian Man and the human potential to live a saintly, physically-blessed, and blissful life

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