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OXYSILVER Case of 25
Buy and stockpile for family and community survival. 25 8oz bottles at 40% off. 

OXYSILVER resonating with 528 frequency of sound and light is an effective alternative to risky vaccinations and deadly antibiotics. OxySilver is guaranteed to keep you healthy when colds and flus threaten or your money back.

NASA science and Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz pioneered OxySilver to promote vaccine-free natural nutritional immunity against a broad spectrum of varmints, including deadly drug companies, without immunization toxicity and antibiotic poisonings. OXYSILVER has become the best-selling covalently-bonded most potent silver hydrosol in the world today. That means you can depend on it for protection and faster recoveries than older technologies such as colloidal silvers and standard nano-size particle silver hydrosols.

oxysilver bannerOXYSILVER is Extraordinary, Powerful, and Pleasing

  • OXYSILVER’s predecessor was initially developed by NASA science to keep astronauts healthy in space, and help purify recycled water. Dr. Horowitz was asked to brand that product, and consented under one condition–that 528 frequency of sound and light, along with prayer, be applied during the manufacturing process. Later, knowing human hearts resonate most vitally in 528 frequency, Dr. Horowitz supplemented that manufacturing process by requiring 528-resonated “structured water” be used exclusively. This combination of novel technologies not only produces an unprecedented safe and effective alternative to risky vaccines and deadly antibiotics. OxySilver pioneers the field of “homeo-alchemy” for reliable health maintenance. In other words, not only does OxySilver provide super protection against drug cartel monopolized healthcare, but advances health science and clinical practices with a new silver-oxygen-water molecule vibrating in sync with your heart and heart-felt loving intention to stay healthy or recover quickly.


  • Technically, OxySilver is a scientifically tested electro-dynamic silver, oxygen, and hydrogen solution developed to strengthen natural immunity against common threats to human health and safety. Colds and flus are largely attributable to weakened immune systems. OxySilver handles this problem by boosting strong immunity most naturally and safely.


  • OXYSILVER is made with pharmaceutical grade purified and structued water containing less than 9 parts-per-million (“ppm”) micro-fine silver stably bonded to oxygen.


  • OxySilver’s resonance of 528Hz/nm frequency of sound and light mimics the botanical world’s greenish-yellow color of chlorophyll and sound of buzzing bees. The solution is additionally potentized with prayer in the honorable tradition of Nicola Tesla who likewise taught his students to prayer over their technologies to secure optimal benefits.


  • A small amount of “Breath-of-the-Earth”–Hawaiian holy water is added by Dr. Horowitz’s request to provide the “purgative and restorative energy signature” widely known to be powerful on the Big Island of Hawaii.


  • OXYSILVER serves to “green” healthcare, reducing the need for vaccines and antibiotics causing heavy metal toxicity, autoimmune hypersensitivity, and GMO-associated illnesses.oxysilver

Pioneering “Homeo-alchemy” for Infectious Disease Remediation and More

  • OXYSILVER is unlike any nutraceutical ever developed.  OxySilver pioneers a new water molecule containing electro-magnetically charged silver-oxygen atoms. The covalent bonding of the silver with water’s oxygen enables the product to quickly enter and leave the body cells and tissues, unlike old crude colloidal silvers that accumulate in tissues causing discoloring of the skin. The addition of 528 frequency resonance plus water structuring to this molecule energizes the orbiting electrons creating a new, most unique and powerful, alchemical atomic restructuring. This alchemy not only produces a powerful competitor to costly and deadly antibiotics, and risky (occasionally deadly) vaccinations, but vibrating water signals the rest of your body water instantly, along with all your DNA, to “phase lock” your entire body into the most healing and helpful “LOVE 528” frequency.


A Better Way of Disinfecting  

  • OXYSILVER can also be used environmentally as well as inside your body. In homes and workplaces, particularly in healthcare settings, this product provides surface disinfection comparable in efficacy to generally accepted surface disinfectants without any of the poisonous risks to human health and environmental safety typical of brand name chemical competitors.
  • In healthcare, most cleaning and disinfecting agents contain corrosive chemicals and toxic compounds damaging to equipment and people. Health workers responsible for infection control in clinical and laboratory settings will, therefore, find OXYSILVER with 528 a most beneficial product. It is friendly to users and equipment whenever and wherever responsibility is required for infection control.

WARNING: DO NOT BUY OXYSILVER IF you give credence to the FDA (i.e., Foul Drug Advocates) that objects to us informing you about the potentially miraculous benefits that may result from taking OXYSILVER as recommended. This notice and disclaimer regards FDA regulations, section 201(g)(1)(B) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and the dangerous deceptive Act itself [21 U.S.C. ; 321(g)(1)(B) defining a “drug” as ANYTHING said, written, or claimed to “cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease, ailment, or illness.” Sunlight is a “drug” under these laws for curing infantile jaundice as per claims written in medical textbooks.

BE FULLY INFORMED AND WARNED: OXYSILVER is not a drug, regardless of what the FDA–Big Pharma’s protection racketeering doctors, lawyers and legislators say; as clearly the word “DRUG” like the word “immunization” has been redefined in an organized criminal conspiracy to enable the pharmaceutical cartel to control the natural healing industry, its methods, materials, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers.

FYI. The word “DRUG” is hereby responsibly decreed to mean, “Degenerative Regulators Undermining Go(o)d” as evidenced by the FDA’s violation of Federal RICO laws section 901(a) of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 (Pub.L. 91-452, 84 Stat. 922, enacted 1970-10-15), and Chapter 96 of Title 18 of the United States Code, 18 U.S.C. ; 1961-1968, as well as the documented despicable effect of FDA-approved drugs–the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the United States according to published medical statistics.

Notice is hereby given: Any reference to OXYSILVER, or any other newly developed silver hydrosol product curing, mitigating, treating, or preventing any disease shall be construed as legal and lawful notice of claims made properly substantiated by solid scientific evidence.


NOTICE: Never touch OxySilver to any metal. Use the plastic caps, or wooden spoons, never metal spoons because the metal will “blow out” the water structuring and reduce the homeopathic affect, as well as reduce the absorption capacity of the liquid.


Instructions, Questions & Answers:

1. What is the standard recommended daily dosage? i1-3 capfulls (taken with positive healing prayer to receive the optimal benefits).
2. Should OXYSILVER be taken on an empty or full stomach? Taking this product on an empty stomach is considered best. However, a few people have very sensitive stomachs and experience some minor discomfort (I,e, bloating). If this occurs, the product should be taken with food or in juice. Better tolerance in these sensitive people has been observed after taking OXYSILVER for a week or two. The discomfort occurs mostly due to the killing of (FDA Censored Word) and subsequent detoxification. When a dosage level is finally not causing any adverse detoxification reactions, it may be gradually increased if desired.
3. If 4 ounces should be mixed per gallon, with 2 to 8 ounces consumed per day as it says on the bottle, does this dosage equal 1 teaspoon taken up to 7 times per day. (i.e., one tsp. every 2 hours up to 7 times per day)? No. The two to four ounces of diluted OXYSILVER does not equal the one capful seven times a day, however both dosages are adequate as per the following question and answer.
4. How does OXYSILVER compare with prescription grade silver hydrosols?
OXYSILVER is more powerful than even pharmaceutical brands of covalently-bonded silver hydrosols because OXYSILVER contains energetically structured water made with the 528Hz frequency to be especially absorptive and vibrationally acceptable to the human body. It is, therefore, a more powerful aid in detoxification and natural energy restoration. Which is why less is more when you add it to water. Thereby, the two to eight ounce drinking water range is recommended. More than eight ounces of diluted OXYSILVER can produce a heavier detoxification than some people are comfortable with. So be careful. Most people will not have a problem with even three glasses a day, but our recommendations here must take everyone into consideration. Many “OXYSILVER Fan Club” leaders drink three glasses a day without any ill effects. Dr. Horowitz does not use this product daily since he began using Liquid Dentist every two days. (Liquid Dentist is made with 3ppm OxySilver. The doctor only relies on OxySilver at the first inkling he may be coming down with something. That is, he intuitively feels his immune system is being threatened, and at that point he rushes to take his OxySilver, and always do so with prayer to enhance its powerful affects.
5.How do you recommend taking OXYSILVER for chronic immune system burdening ailments, and how long should the maximum dose be consumed?
People who are seriously and/or chronically ill can take OXYSILVER to boost immunity and perform electro-dynamically (i.e., homeopathically), using two capfulls every two (2)hours, six (6) times daily for three (3) months. (You can take five (5) capfulls daily for your entire life without getting close to your toxic dose limit.) After three months at this seemingly “high dosage,” it is wise to return to the regular maintenance dose for three months. (That is, 1-3 capfulls daily is generally recommended.) After you go through this three (3) months at the lower dosage, you can return for three (3) months at the higher dosage. In other words, alternate taking the higher dosage for three (3) months; then the lower dosage for three (3) months.
High dose treatments are for aggressively whacking varmints. Once persons ailing from (FDA Censored Word) have fully recovered and maintained their health for 3 months, they can stop using this product daily. Some doctors recommend slowly reducing intake over the course of a week or two following a person’s return to optimal health. (Remember, you can always start taking OxySilver again at the first sign of challenged immunity. It is unwise to worry about developing resistant strains of germs if you use this product as recommended above, since the chance of this happening is exceedingly remote.)
6.Can you use a metal spoon, or do you have to use a plastic spoon?
A plastic spoon is best to protect the structured water and resonant energy in OXYSILVER.
7. Do you have to put it under your tongue to absorb it into your blood stream, or can you just swallow it? Under the tonque is good for rapidly absorbing the 528Hz frequency of energy resonating in the structured water in OXYSILVER. However, this is not necessary to enjoy the general benefits of this product.
8. Can OXYSILVER be used topically on skin wounds and cuts, etc.? Yes. OXYSILVER can be used very effectively topically for this purpose.
9.Can you put OXYSILVER in your eyes, like an eye drop? Yes. No harm is expected, nor has any been reported, using OXYSILVER this way; except the eye rinse will sting your eyes about the same as rinsing with pure drinking water because it is not an isotonic saline solution. Some people have expressed benefits putting a couple of drops of OXYSILVER into their quality over-the-counter eye washes.
10.Is there a shelf life for OXYSILVER? No. There is nothing infectious that is ever going to grow in it.
11. Are there special storage instructions, like “refrigerate after opening”, etc?
No. Again, nothing harmful is ever going to grow in OXYSILVER.
12. What is the difference between OXYSILVER and colloidal silvers? Besides its energetic attributes, the special covalently-bonded silver-oxygen molecule makes OXYSILVER completely different from colloidal silvers, including the best smallest particle and uniformly dispersed silver hydrosols that do not contain this unique covalently-bonded molecule.
And that’s not all. Add the 528 resonance benefits of the “homeo-alchemistry” in this product, and comparing OxySilver to any other silver product is like comparing apples to oranges.
13. How is OXYSILVER metabolized, broken down, or removed from the body?
Regular body proteins pick up the charged molecules of silver-oxygen-water. Being 400 times smaller than a red blood cell, these tiny covalently-bonded molecules easily pass thru cell walls and can be carried away by the lymphatic system. You excrete 98% of the OXYSILVER you consume in a day, so very little is left in your body after you take it.
Said another way, if you accidentally drank a LITER (nearly 4 bottles of OXYSILVER in one day–PLEASE DON’T!) your body would have excreted all but 2% of the silver within 24 hours! We once had a customer drink a full case of 24 bottles in one day. Nothing harmful happened (except his mother panicked and gave us a call.) The amount he drank was still well below the federally-established toxic dose limit.
OXYSILVER starts its elimination process by combining with plasma proteins, after which it is removed by the liver. More than 90% is eliminated in the bile. Most of this comes out in the feces; with very little being excreted in the urine. The 2% of silver in OXYSILVER that is not excreted through the bowl is deposited in the skin and mucous tissues. Tissue deposition of silver results from precipitation of insoluble salts, such as silver chloride and silver phosphate, into cell membranes mostly. These may be transformed to soluble silver sulphide albuminates and bind with amino or carboxyl groups in proteins and nucleic acids. They may also be oxidized to metallic silver by ascorbic acid, or catecholamines, and slowly excreted via your sweat glands.
Old style, or home-made colloidal silver products, or other poorly produced products such as silver salts or crystals, may be retained for years since your body can not process large silver particles. You either discharge them without any gain or absorb the silver particles in your tissues if they are not removed by the lymphatic system. The fatal dose of retained silver for your average human is 10 grams. That is a huge amount of silver. This is why even people using the old style colloidal silvers stay well, but their skin turns silver.
14. Is there a toxic dose of OXYSILVER? Theoretically, anything can kill you if you consume too much, including pure water. OXYSILVER is really a trace mineral water with about 6-9 parts-per-million (ppm) of covalently-bonded silver in it. At 5 ppm, you would be consuming only 0.005 grams for every LITER of concentrate you drank directly out of the bottle. So you see the toxic dose of 10 grams is so far away from what a reasonable person would consume, the question is moot.
The EPA says you can drink 5 tablespoons per day (2.5 ounces) of 5 PPM regular metallic colloidal silver for 70 years with no sign of risk for even sensitive persons. Even though OXYSILVER contains less than 9 ppm silver, regular users consider these guidelines for long term use.
AIDS and cancer trails are being conducted at slightly more than the dosages suggested above.
15. Does OXYSILVER kill off good bacteria in your gut as well as (FDA Censored Word)? This is possible, but the extent to which this may happen needs further investigation. The best thing to do to replenish important bacteria to your intestine is to eat garden-fresh organic vegetables with some soil-based microbes on the food, or else use a good probiotic such as doctor recommended, prescription-grade, GI Flora Pro also available in this store.
16. Is OXYSILVER a nanotechnology and is it dangerous to the environment? No, but this answer requires more explanation. OXYSILVER contains mostly water and a small concentration of nano-size silver particles. Although the silver-oxygen bonded molecules are being created using advanced technology, it has not been officially classified as a nanotechnology for many reasons. Among these many good reasons is the fact that it is clearly not a self-replicating form of nanotechnology capable of overtaking natural biological systems, which is a reasonable concern. Assuming it may eventually be classified as a “nanotechnology” it is unlikely to be commercially restricted because of its life-saving health-enhancing benefits.
17. Regarding the rumored risk to the environment from silver hydrosols, there is scientific evidence that environmental accumulation of silver hydrols will cause germ species extinctions?
In fact, if you seriously consider this question advanced by nano-technology opponents and petrochemical propagandists who accept and neglect the environmental degradation and vaccine heavy metal intoxication, you realize this promoted rumor is ridiculous. Because microbiology has a profound ability to mass produce germs for all kinds. Germs, unlike bees and whales, are plentiful and easily cultured in nature and in labs.
18. Some people are claiming OXYSILVER is a “pesticide.” How can this be?
Because right wing petrochemical-pharmaceutical “trolls” are protection racketeers for Big Pharma acting to discredit a viable competitor. These claims were spread to prevent Big Pharma from losing their market in dangerous antibiotics and deadly vaccines. OxySilver is far safer and far superior to Big Pharma’s poisons. So their media prostitutes are plugging this lunacy.
At the same time, largely ignorant people (or trolls pretending to be environmentalists), or otherwise biased left wing “radical” environmentalists, have petitioned the EPA to classify the nano-sized silver hydrosols as “pesticides.” Their challenge is based on the previous definition the EPA gave to “pesticides.” These include undesirable germs, viruses, and fungi.
But, if you read their petition carefully reflecting on the stacks of scientific articles proving life-saving safety and efficacy of silver hydrosols you realize how ridiculously radical their request to classify silver hydrosols as “pesticides” really is.
Can you imagine medical patients taking prescriptions labeled “PESTICIDE?” Not likely.

19. What are the ingredients of OxySilver? Pharmaceutical grade purified water, a small amount of micro-fine silver bonded to oxygen, and 528 resonating structured water.

20. Why is OxySilver recommended for use with prayer? Because of the 528Hz frequency. Dr. Horowitz has advanced the understanding that faith, love, joy, and bravery, are virtues of your heart, each vibrating mainly in 528Hz. Prayer power works miracles, and the 528Hz frequency is the carrier wave. This frequency is the original Solfeggio frequency for the “MI” note, short for miracles. Dr. Horowitz theorizes that OxySilver–a double super-conductor of silver and water–resonates in sync with the LOVE in your heart and heart-felt loving intention to produce miracles, including miraculous healings. So besides its anti-microbial impact, OxySilver is recommended as a homeopathic to be used with prayer, to help prompt miraculous healings. For these good reasons, OxySilver can be used for myriad problems.

21. Why is OxySilver recommended only after detoxifying for a few days? Because OxySilver with 528 is VERY STRONG. It has been reported to kill the varmints whacking your immune system within 24 hours. So good hydration and detoxification is important to prevent the “healing crisis,” medically-termed the “Herxheimer reaction,” wherein people feel sicker, with headaches, body pains, and a fever, for a short time as the body naturally expels harmful invaders and heals itself after purging toxins. So remember to drink plenty of pure pH 8-adjusted drinking water when taking OxySilver, use ZeoLife regularly to help you detox, and take GI Flora Pro.

22. How is OxySilver different from colloidal silver? See this web page comparing OxySilver with 528 and a high quality colloidal silver.

23. How is OxySilver produced? NASA technology is used to create this strongest silver hydrosol in the world today. A non-radioactive “reactor” chamber is used to produce the unique and powerful covalent bond between the oxygen in pure Water and micro-fine silver. Then 528Hz pure sound, and 528nm greenish-yellow light, are imparted into the chamber, along with the Breath of the Earth. As OxySilver is made, it also receives prayer, respecting it as a virtual “Holy Water.” At the same time, the OxySilver water is spun through a strong 528Hz resonating electromagnetic field that structures the solution for increased viscosity and absorption.

24. Why is OxySilver more expensive that other silver hydrosols? Because of the extra cost and benefits of producing it. You can buy less expensive silver hydrosols that work well, but if you want, and can afford the best, buy OxySilver. Actually, over the years, OxySilver’s price has come down while the best silver hydrosols have raised their prices. So OxySilver today is very competitively priced.

25. Is OxySilver good for pets too? Yes. In fact, we heard so many people tell us pets benefited we now sell “OxySilver for Pets” that comes with a “pet dropper.”


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