The Best of Early Horowitz & Friends


Since the early 1990s Dr. Len Horowitz and friends have been revealing the deadliest darkest secrets of drug industrialists in efforts to save lives. “The Best of Early Horowitz & Friends” will help you save lives by passing this vital and rivoting intelligence on to others.

If you think the Nazi agenda for world control, disposing of undesirable populations, using experiments to genetically alter the human race, ended with World War II, you are in for a shocker! 

Listen and learn the links between Hitler’s top medicine men and U.S./British intelligence, allied pharmaceutical companies, the Rockefellers, the Bushes, the CIA, and the British Royal Family. Dr. Horowitz joins investigative reporter Dave Emory and friends to reveal how Merck, Sharp and Dohme—the world’s largest vaccine producer and principle recipient of the Nazi war chest—poisoned humanity to create unprecedented epidemics of cancer and more.

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