Walk on Water DVD

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Astonishing revelations about Divine creation, with revolutionary new healing applications, this awesome presentation by internationally celebrated health professional, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, provides startling proof of the musical manifestation of the material world, and the mathematics of spirituality, and the precise frequency of Love connecting your heart to the center of the universe!

If your search for purpose and meaning in life is ongoing; if you’ve been challenged by modern stresses and strains; if political events, economic burdens, and environmental concerns trouble you; or if your health and well-being needs boosting, award-winning author declared modern-day prophet, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, provides an unparalleled peek into the Creators technology. He unearths compelling scientific evidence of your spiritual existence, and gives practical advice for your success as a powerful co-creator.

Learn to be open-hearted, optimally blessed, and Divinely directed and protected as dramatic changes are unfolding globally. This spiritually uplifting book will have you celebrating and powerfully contributing to the Spiritual Renaissance as modern life is being transformed worldwide, and people like you are doing their part in preparation for a millennium of world peace.

If you are interested in alternative medicine, metaphysics, music, simple mathematics, chanting, or praying, Dr. Horowitz relays great news. Walk on Water opens doors that no man can close regarding your spirituality, unity with Divine family, and the importance of your family and community for personal development, spiritual evolution, and planetary salvation.

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