ZeoLOVE with 528 for Detoxification and Graphene Antidote



Concerned about vaccination intoxication?

Especially worried about “graphene” producing graphene oxide ‘nano-neuro-bioelectronics’ in the latest vaccine recipients. ZeoLove is a powerful detoxification formula featuring ‘zeolite’ as well as the graphene (scientifically proven) ANTIDOTE–humous, humic acid, and fulvic acid.

This all natural immune-enhancing, blood purifying formula safely removes poisons from your body, including chemicals and heavy metals, while restoring your essential minerals needed for better health, vitality, and longevity. (Don’t forget to drink plenty of pure water for ‘good hydration’ and detoxification.)

This all natural formula contains: (1) the best quality organic zeolite that is energetically treated with ‘528Hz/nm’ frequencies of sound and light to gather and safely remove more harmful chemicals and heavy metals from your body than competing products; (2) the scientifically-published graphene “ANTIDOTE” based on pure soil acids (humic and fulvic) and minerals; and (3) the powerful antioxidant activity of 528Hz/nm frequencies of sound and light.

Overlooking the fact that poisoning people for profit and ‘population control’ is what’s happening, everyday we are all exposed to harmful chemicals and heavy metals in air, food, and water. ZeoLove protects and helps restore health by lowering these risks, boosting natural immunity, and preventing intoxication reactions that commonly concern We The People, doctors and patients.

ZeoLOVE should be taken three times daily for a detoxification supplement. 1/2 teaspoon 3 times daily with meals or alone. May also be taken with 4 ounces of on non-chlorinated water.


ZeoLOVE for Recovery

ZeoLOVE contains pure zeolite from lava rock, and humus soil ingredients, treated to gather and remove more harmful chemicals and heavy metals safely from your body.


ZeoLOVE for Prevention

Since everyone is exposed to harmful chemicals, heavy metals in air, food, and water, ZeoLOVE can help public health by protecting blood and oxygen delivery to your cells. ZeoLOVE improves health by lowering everyday intoxication risks, boosting natural immunity, and preventing poisonous chemical and heavy metal reactions than commonly concern doctors and patients.

ZeoLOVE provides awesome protection in a world plagued by pollution. It is the only advanced zeolite solution delivering resonating molecules of humic acid and essential trace minerals including monoatomic silver and gold. This proprietary blend provides safer chelation (called clathration) and advanced personal protection. The electrically-charged humic molecules carry superconducting monoatomic elements and graphene antidote chemistry.

These charged elements and molecules surround and neutralize toxic metals such as mercury. Mercury commonly poisons autistic children from vaccine injections.

Far better than zeolite alone, ZeoLOVE’s energetic-enhancement binds heavy metals better, exceeding the benefits of zeolite alone.

Also, this energized ZeoLOVE formula is designed to neutralize more industrial chemicals than any former inventions.  ZeoLOVE is formulated to reduce or eliminate these threats with no risk of chemical or heavy metal reabsorption.

Take 1/2 teaspoon 3 times daily with meals or alone, but always with prayer. (Because heart-felt loving intention faithfully exercised by you in prayer, achieving ‘528 Frequency Clearchannel for Divine Communion producing the MIracles you need beyond want.



May be taken with 4 oz of non-chlorinated water. For a special detoxifying treat mix 1 oz. of ZeoLOVE with 1 oz. of organic hemp milk.


What’s in ZeoLOVE?

Monoatomic elements, natural humic shale, natural volcanic Zeolite, and 72 important elements including all essential minerals, steam-distilled ultra-purified water, vibrationally tuned within the ‘Clear Channel’ of 528 frequency–the heart of nature that resonates structured water in the environment and your ‘body temple’.


Why does ZeoLOVE contain minerals?

The minerals have been added to ZeoLOVE to counter common mineral deficiencies, especially in persons undergoing other forms of chelation.  That concern is much like worries for the environment and public health.

Normal chelation therapies are generally therapeutic. But they pull good natural minerals out of your body that require replacements. ZeoLOVE replaces these with humus–the “antidote to graphene” and graphene oxide vaccination risks. Thus, ZeoLOVE provides superior detoxification power.


Why does ZeoLOVE carry and transmit 528 resonance?

Years ago we did not know the antidote to poisonous graphene existed. We later considered the science underlying this agenda. Graphene is actually central to ‘nano-bioelectronic bot devices and their activities in your body. Graphene generates ‘free energy’ in your body that abuses your body water, enabling ‘ “self-assembly,” for eventually the Neurolink. Accordingly, graphene is presumed to be central to the scheme of ‘Transhumanizing’ humanity; creating an eventual ‘Cyborg colony’. Need a ‘MIracle’? 528Hz frequency harmonics have been added to this structured water solution, to supply Nature’s core creative, re-creative, and sustaining energy of your soul or spirit, requiring the monoatomic elements in ZeoLOVE. Your body wins!

What makes ZeoLOVE superior to zeolite alone for detoxification? 

Zeolite is considered the medical world’s most powerful natural chelating agent along with dietary clays. ZeoLOVE not only provides Zeolite, the structured-water memory of ‘528 programming’ in this product provides superior public duty protocol. This 528Hz/nm energy, provides a ‘good vibration’ that enhances energetic binding of heavy metals and chemical poisons to the best of our ability. ZeoLOVE removes poisons from your body most efficiently, economically, completely, and safely. Regular Zeolite nutritional supplementation, along with humous, humic and fulvic acids, along with helpful vitamins and minterals, can boost immunity and help heal diseases by reducing body poisons–eliminating these toxins. You get all of this with ZeoLOVE.

ZeoLOVE removes them better for less risk of continued poisoning.

In summary, ZeoLOVE with 528 is “a Powerful Natural Heavy Metal and Chemical Detoxifier” that supplies essential mineral replacement helping to balance pH, enhance immunity, and neutralize toxicity.

CLICK HERE to view Dr. Leonard Horowitz interviewed by Sherri Kane many years ago regarding ZeoLOVE’s predecessor, ZeoLife.

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