528 Auto Energizer Orgone Generator (Therapeutic Pyramid)


Product Description

Tesla-Charge Your Car with 528 Bio-Energy Technology to Reduce Anxiety, Aches & Pains. 


Flood Your Car with Great Healing Vibrations . . .

The average driver* spends between 77-104 minutes every day behind the wheel, and fifty-two percent of drivers and passengers feel nervous the entire time.

Now there is a natural cure for this unhealthy distress that mounts on your dashboard–  the 528 AUTO ENERGIZER.

The 528 AUTO ENERGIZER was designed by a world-leading, Harvard-trained, consumer-health activist, naturopathic doctor, and bio-energy researcher, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz.

The 528 AUTO ENERGIZER makes driving more relaxing and even healing by filling the cabin with negatively-charged electrons vibrating with the energy of chlorophyll that converts carbon dioxide to oxygen in plants.*

This innovative technology converts drive-time into healing-time, helps you relax in traffic jams, breathe deeper cleaner air to stay more alert, reduces fatigue, increases safety, and is even removable for use in relieving aches and pains.


Flood Your Car with Great Healing Vibrations . . .

Thirty-percent of drivers consider themselves annoyed and “aggressive” in traffic. Six in 10 people admit they speed because they get annoyed with slower drivers. More than four in 10 get angry behind the wheel. Sixty-two percent get frustrated, and twenty-percent experience road rage.**

Now you can cure this auto-industry ailment with the 528 AUTO ENERGIZER. This “Tesla technology” generates subtle, yet powerful, natural “orgone energy” used by doctors and allied health professionals in electromagnetic therapies.

Within minutes of installation, you will notice a subtle “healing energy” in your car radiating from this pyramid-shaped removable (i.e., portable) automobile accessory. It looks and performs great on your dashboard. A Velcro mount allows you to remove your 528 AUTO ENERGIZER whenever you like to use it on aches and pains anywhere on your body.

Below is the General Design:



Each 528 AUTO ENERGIZER is 2″ in diameter and includes:

  1. “Therapeutic Art” for your dashboard (complete with Velcro mount.)

  2. Powerful magnet (south pole peak,  north pole base);

  3. Copper Coil to increase energy;

  4. Quartz crystal and natural gemstones for generating healing energies;

  5. High quality pure natural resin matrix cured with light and sound to transmit 528Hz/528nm frequencies for optimal calming and healing;

  6. Colorful “Perfect Circle of Sound™” amulet window sticker.


How the 528 AUTO ENERGIZER Works:


1. A number of design features enhance the energy generating power of these auto-accessories.

2. The STRONG central magnet is positioned “North” facing down so that when you place these “Tesla-chargers” in your car, or on your body, it:        

3. Generates the greenish-yellow color of chlorophyll, and fills the air with 528nm/Hz frequencies determined to be the most relaxing, rejuvenating, emotionally-uplifting,

and physically-sustaining frequency in nature.

4. Sends negatively-charged electro-magnetics into your car to neutralize positively-charged dust and germs to help oxygenate and energize the cabin.       

5. Enhances the look of your car with “Therapeutic Art” that makes you feel good as you drive, and reminds you to relax, breathe deep, and be watchful and  prayerful for safety-sake.

6. Pushes body acid out of painful muscles and joints to relieve aches and pains without drugs and harmful side effects.

T    To use therapeutically, place a 528 AUTO ENERGIZER on a painful spot for several minutes to feel the pain lessen and often completely disappear. (The 528 vibration is, after all, the “MIracle frequency” of the original Solfeggio musical scale. It was used with prayer and chanting in every religion for millennia, as well as by native [i.e., aboriginal] spiritual leaders.)


For more information visit: http://www.528orgonegenerators.com/528OrgoneGenerators.com/Auto_Energizers.htm

Larger 528 Orgone Generator Pyramids are also available for home and workplace applications; for filling your room or office with this healing vibration and positive

loving energy. Visit: http://www.528orgonegenerators.com


The 528 Auto Energizer is an Orgone Generator. It is a therapeutic energy device with many uses. It can clear chakras and energy blockages in a matter of minutes. It is a bio-energic pain reliever, so if you have aches or pains, put the Crystal Harmonizer on the area, base down against the skin. After 10-20 minutes the pain will subside or be gone. It is best used with prayer for enhanced effect! You have heard about the good vibration of 528Hz for transmitting LOVE—the Universal Healer. You may also know about ORGONE generators used to transmit subtle healing energy with noticeable benefits. Put these technologies together and you have some of the best natural healing instruments in the world. 528 Bio-Energy Technology . . . In the photos, you can see the main components of our 528 Orgone Generator base used to transmit 528 hertz bio-energy to you, your environment, or your bath water. It includes: Copper Coils; Powerful magnet (south pole bottom, north pole up); Quarts crystal and natural gemstones for generating natural energies; Pure quality high cost natural resin matrix (not fiberglass) cured with light and sound to resonate the 528Hz/528nm frequencies for optimal healing;  The magnet in the 528 Orgone Generator pyramid is positioned North  facing down so that when you place these orgone generators down upon painful locations on your body, you send alkalizing electrons into the tissues on this side. These orgone generators currently are available in three sizes: Standard (3 1/4), Large (4 1/2″) or Small Auto Energizer (2″). The large 528 Orgone Generator Pyramids are used for filling your entire room or office with this healing vibration and positive energy of LOVE! These Standard pyramids are good for physical therapy. Place them on spots that needs extra healing energy, and watch pain disappear quickly, most miraculously. These small pyramids are great for small places, like your car, to broadcast the good vibration of 528. You can affix these units to your dash board for added protection and stress reduction. The small Auto Energizer pyramids are good for immediate pain relief in the car and energizing the environment with powerful, positive, relaxing love energy The 528 vibration is, after all, the MIracle frequency of the original Solfeggio musical scale.


Features & Ingredients

  • These devices have an elaborate coil of copper wire strung throughout the crystal structure with different gemstones for each of the chakras/energy centers of the body. This coil is suspended in a matrix of copper, titanium, and resin. At the base, is a north facing neodymium magnet. This simple arrangement receives, amplifies, and directs the orgo-Chi-life force or natural healing energy. These are wonderful tools for personal use or for use in your energy-medicine practice.

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm


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