528hz Single TUNING FORK with 528hz Orgone Generator Tuning Fork holder (528 Tuning Fork Included)



This crystal oscillating 528hz frequency resonating electro-magnetized tuning fork holder with the fork included at a special price, is more than a ‘conversation piece’ and beautiful clinic addition for energy medicine practitioners. This is ‘therapeutic ‘functional art’ developed by a world leading pioneer in bio-energy self-help technologies. We’re talking about the unparalleled natural care-giver and professional trainer, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz.

Dr. Horowitz teaches a ‘Frequency Rehab’ Course wherein he teaches how you can manufacture such crystal oscillators, if you are so inclined. Otherwise, you can just purchase and enjoy!

Dr. Horowitz designed this ‘528hz Orgone Generator’ to output non-Hertzian (scalar) energy, and functionally hold a tuning fork. This crystalline frequency resonator is the size of a hockey puck. It has a strong magnet and copper coil inside a 528Hz (cymatically-crystallized) matrix that holds and transmits this “MIracle Frequency of pure LOVE–“The Universal Healer.” This combination is used to remedy pain and inflammatory conditions. Put negatively-charged (alkalizing) electrons into the acidified area by laying the therapeutic puck on the painful spot. This sedates the condition and works amazingly well.

The crystallized oscillator and tuning fork holder can be used with most brands of tuning forks. This combo serves as a universal healing and environmental clearing instrument when the tuning fork is struck and placed back into the holder; or simply ‘pinched’ to start the fork vibrating.

The outer green rubber collar around the 528hz crystallized magnetized generator is perfect for striking your tuning fork without marring the metal fork. So this rubber protects the sound quality of each fork. Shown in the image above is a 528hz fork. The non-Hertzian (scalar) waves that broadcast from this instrument (also referred to as an ‘orgone generator’) is complemented by the magnetic energy field generated by a 13K Gauss magnet. This ‘biofield’ is amplified by the copper coil in the 528Hz frequency-cured (cymatically-hardened) matrix. Add to this wonderful design beautiful natural gemstones and healing crystals placed throughout this handmade thoughtful self-healing creation.

Lay caregivers and licensed professionals can place the crystal oscillator on people, or themselves, for healing. This is actually a ‘must have’ for body workers, including massage therapists and physical therapists–a great tool for all healing practitioners.

This combo, tuning fork and holder, includes:

  1. A 528Hz Crystallized Oscillator made from natural vegetable (non-toxic) resin cured in the sound of “LOVE 528”;
  2. A Tesla-like Copper Coil design;
  3. A powerful magnet. (The north pole faces down on the skin when placed on the body);

  4. An internal quartz crystal and abundance of natural gemstones for generating natural healing energies;

  5. Cured with acoustic (sound) energy for matrix memory of the 528Hz frequency.This is the “MIracle” note for miracle generation, because this is the MIRACLE TONE in the ancient Solfeggio scale. (Read Dr. Horowitz’s research.) This is also the “Key of the House of David.” (Isaiah 22:22; Rev. 3:6-8). It is also widely known to repair damaged DNA. Recent double-blind peer reviewed studies found this frequency boosted natural immunity (through anti-oxidant activity) 100%, and caused a 20% improvement in central nervous system protection, especially recommended for alcoholics.

  6. The central tuning fork well holds standard size tuning forks and here comes with the 528 fork;

  7. This is a beautiful artful instrument to complement treatment rooms;

  8. The rubber collar is colored 528nm. The striking ring is inscribed with the reminder (or instruction): “LOVE 528 • USE WITH FAITH & PRAYER FOR HEALING.”

To order the 528 hertz tuning fork alone: CLICK HERE

“Instead of a bath, make it a baptism! Use your 528 tuning fork and holder to bless bath water vibrationally. Use this resonance energy of “LOVE 528” frequency in God’s heart too, as reported by Dr. Horowitz.  Strike the tuning fork on the rubber ring around the crystal oscillator; then submerge the stem of the fork only with your hand to sink the handle of the 528-tuning fork into the Water. Let it vibrate, and play out completely. Water will not harm the oscillator/holder. Try repeating this six times, with prayer. Your bath will feel much more relaxing.

“A group of sound healing researchers in Israel routinely travel with 528Hz tuning forks and these holders. They activate them whenever confronted by angry people. Also, they play the forks whenever they come upon others in conflict (which happens a lot in Israel these days). They claim this distracts, fascinates, humors, and calms those engaged in arguments. They strike the 528 fork, wave it through the air, and that seems to help settle disputes.

  • Can you imagine what might happen if United Nations peace-keepers were to broadcast 528 pure tones around Gaza, Jerusalem and Palestine? What about other places of conflict?



  • Dr. Horowitz wrote about this instrument in his book, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE:
     “I highly recommend clearing your body Water, and even your bath Water, using the 528Hz tuning fork. . . . Carry your 528 tuning fork and holder in your briefcase, pocketbook, and/or leave them at your desk or vehicle. Pull them out whenever you need an instant remedy for anxiety.  Great for calming ‘road rage.’
    “Strike it, and then close your eyes; and wave it around your head and heart. Deep breathe. Feel the powerful LOVE of 528, and its harmony in your heart, freeing your mind of fruitless worry. (Live with faith.)

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