Solfeggio Plus Perfect Circle of Sound Complete Set (Nine Tuning Forks)




Perfect Circle of Sound trademarked by Dr. Horowitz

This is a professional ‘clinic’ set used effectively by alternative healthcare professionals to ‘balance each chakra’ to promote recoveries. This is the complete set of nine (9) Perfect Circle of Sound Tuning Forks that Dr. Horowitz revealed following his and Dr. Joseph Puleo’s revelations in the best-selling book, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (sold separately in this store).

How to Use this Professional Set

The individual tuning forks are ‘struck’ on a non-metal (often rubber) surface, and then waved over the related chakra as pioneered by Dr. Horowitz and sound-healing expert, Jonathan Goldman. Dr. Horowitz addresses this clinical practice in his Solfeggio Eclectica Guidebook (sold separately in this store). Mr. Goldman was  inspired by Dr. Horowitz’s publications to collaborate on the development of this fork set, and also Goldman’s monumental healing prayer-enhancing CD titled, Holy Harmony. Each of these products feature the Perfect Circle of Sound(TM) frequencies trademarked by Dr. Horowitz (shown in the adjacent graphic).

When sounded individually or with each other, these tuning forks create powerful frequencies for health, wellness, and bio-field balance. When sounded around the body, many people report profound healing and meditation experiences. A detailed 20-page instruction manual published by Goldman is included with the 9 tuning fork set titled, Holy Harmony Tuning Forks. Each set comes in a beautiful protective velvet pouch for storage and travel.

These tuning forks are unlike any scales or sounds previously commercialized. Dr. Horowitz lectures on these nine frequencies as being “the real da Vinci code,” as detailed in is book, Love the  Real da Vinci Code.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 29 cm


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