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Inspired by Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse” revelations with Dr. Joseph Puleo, world leading sound healing expert, Jonathan Goldman, produced this extraordinary CD–perhaps the world’s best for deep relaxation, therapeutic healing, enhancing prayer, and/or meditation.  It is absolutely required by alternative health care providers to optimize their results. Dr. Horowitz recommends this CD to be played at bedtime with prayer. “It will turn your bedroom into a holy spirit-filled cathedral, and encourage Divine healings,” he reports.

Dr. Horowitz highly recommends getting this CD, Steve Reese’s 528 harp CDs, Dan Kunkel’s “Solfeggio Tones” CD for research purposes, and Scott Huckabay’s 528 productions for exercise and/or meditation.


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  • After listening to newly purchased Holy Harmony CD, I played it about 3 times. Tresult was I could feel the harmonies still resonating in my head late evening til morn.
  • Late at night, I wondered to the Lord, How did you make or determine the sacred tones of creation and destruction ?
  • After waking in the morning I realized the effect was still with me, and I had a vision :
  • The Lord Yeshua was kneeling on my right side. He had his arm stretched out and was stirring with one finger, a sideways figure 8, in the air in front of Him.
  • He asked me to join Him. I imitated from where I kneeled. As I did it, I thought, well, I’ll move my pattern away or experiment and see what happens. He said no, just do what I said. So I continued.
  • Then, he touched the left circle He was stirring, at the point about 11 oclock. And I understood that that was a frequency. Some aspect spinned out in some fashion.
  • I don’t know the signif. Just that it was a validation of these things you are talking about, and I felt the presence of the Lord, and testify it was Yeshua, as I have the spirit of prophecy.

Lynne Moquin ARCT, MusBac, Composer, Orchestrator

Dr. Horowitz’s Note: The 11 o’clock ‘sign and wonder’ precisely reflects the 111 Hertz frequency separation between the Solfeggio frequencies. A lot of people receive digital 11:11 displays that are recognized as “messages from God.” These signs, 11, 111, and 1111 all relay the fact that “We are all one, with God.”



  • “I just want you to know how much I enjoy your CD HOLY HARMONY. I play it in my practice as a manual therapist. Every patient finds it very relaxing and many fall asleep. Very helpful to me. Also the patients find the concept of the frequencies and the chant of GOD’s name very intriguing. I thank you for making this CD and for your work with Dr Horowitz this is really healing and much more. GOD bless you and thanks again.” Diana B.


  • “HOLY HARMONY is most outstanding, chilling and refreshing and very spiritual. In my opinion it is a masterpiece of love and light. It is truly a blessing in this time of grief upon this planet. Your gift is to bring back the intent of joy into audible music.” Dr. Joseph Puleo


  • “You would probably cry with deep emotion if you could see the dolphins responding to HOLY HARMONY. Yesterday, I had a charter with two moms and 3 kids. I put the CD on and the dolphins came from all over their oceanic playground and just hung under the boat. We were going real slow and they would just lay on the bottom at times and were lulled to sleep. They would rise and show their eyes so I know they were listening in the air also. It was magical! They left all the other boats and all of a sudden I had all of the dolphins by me. My charter were absolutely in awe and so was I. Today was the second day and even more dolphins came and then on the afternoon charter there were still more. I am so very thankful.” Capt. Vickie


  • “I’m playing HOLY HARMONY at the moment! I find that I cannot turn it off! Once it is playing I physically can’t bring myself to stop it until the CD has finished!! It is very relaxing. A customer of ours played only a few minutes of it. Her whole store seemed to fill with white light and the vibration created made it seem like she was in a giant crystal singing bowl.” Robert E.


  • “I am addicted to HOLY HARMONY. Every night I put it on, and go to sleep with it. I had insomnia for years, but the CD has taken care of that. I also sleep deeper and wake up feeling more alive. My ongoing anxiety is almost gone! I have a deep restful, regenerative sleep. Thanks for your help.” Ann P,


  • “I heard your CD HOLY HARMONY and knew instantly that it was the right music for practicing the Jesus Prayer. It’s interesting to me that it brought up the prayer before I even knew what I was listening to. When I found out what the sounds were I was amazed. Thanks for your excellent work. It has improved the quality of my life.” Kathy W.


  • “HOLY HARMONY is really an experience I felt probably was the nearest I would get to heaven. It was profound with colors manifesting and the heart chakra opening. It obviously reaches far deeper than aligning the energy fields. You were certainly divinely inspired. I can’t t wait to share it with all my friends.” Valerie D.


  • “The first few times I listened to HOLY HARMONY I felt my third eye opening up. I used it during a massage and therapist liked it enough to buy a copy for his office.” Margaret W.


  • “HOLY HARMONY is awesome. I work with etheric healing frequencies and am an energy facilitator. Holy Harmony contains a sacred geometry code that I know will work with healing my clients. It contains an earth code to help Mother Earth heal her air, her trauma, pain, chem trails, etc. and vibrationally recalibrates the water.” Cindy E.


  • “I played HOLY HARMONY for the Yoga class. It was most spectacular. That evening driving home I had one of those premonitions, like I used to experience when using brain wave tuners. I was thinking about these 5 deer that I saw early on Easter morning up on our hill, last night I was thinking about them and there they were, in my driveway when I got home.” Karen B.


  • “HOLY HARMONY is an amazing piece of work! Surely you must know this takes the listener into a deeply sacred space which moves through the annals of time and beyond. This is truly a transcendent piece of work. You are tapping into the primordial energies beyond which the human mind cannot travel. I feel the beating of the cosmic heart in this, and the sense of mystery is ever apparent. I assure you. I spent the entire evening with it, and still have it going. I’m finding I’m wanting to “be there” as I move through the day.” Donna M.


  • “My wife and I are on a two year vibrational therapy course. At our last training weekend, here in the UK we came across HOLY HARMONY. It was used extensively throughout the weekend. Since returning home it has been playing often somewhere in the house. The energy invoked by this beautifully put together CD has been incredible. We have become so aware of the Christ energy being present in our home, and feel bathed in it. At other times as we use it as an introduction to daily meditation and chant along with it proves to be very powerful in bringing us immediately in touch with the Divine. What has been most beautiful for us however has been a new exploration of the Christ energy. Having experienced such an energy whilst using this CD has been to a large extent like coming home, and has helped to fill in some spiritual gaps for us. After prolonged listening we find that the main area of resonance is the heart chakra, and more specifically the Thymus. It is exactly this area that HOLY HARMONY hits me every time, and for me has been a very meaningful way of contacting and experiencing the Christ Energy. Thank you for your love and dedication in researching, listening and bringing forth this wonderful CD.” Colin J.


  • “HOLY HARMONY is sure to be transformational in its impact on the Healing Arts community and on the public at large. You have created the ultimate sonic antidote for these intense times of global transcendence.” Emily S,


  • “I want to thank you profusely for the spontaneous healing I received while listening to your healing music on your recent appearance on Coast to Coast. I can’ t quite believe it! You see I was leaving for Paris in about a week and I was in agony knowing I could not partake in enjoying foods such as cafe a lai, du tea, chocolat, nuts of any kind, also a meriod of other food products that
  • if consumed would have triggered a very sick response ranging from sever herpes attack or a systemic malaise that would have me side lined for a good week. These health issues have plagued me for 20 years. Apparently I’d been sleeping for part of your show and woke up for the very short window when you spoke of “Holy Harmony,” the recording that was good for viruses. I allowed the music to wash over me without even thinking I might be set free from the herpes virus, I could feel subtle shifts take place in my energy, mainly in my head and then drifted off to sleep. Since that day I have felt different. A fearful down trodden countenance has been replaced by a bubbling sense of wellness. I cautiously began trying out the forbidden foodsand waited for the other shoe to drop…Viola! I ate and drank freely my way through France and thanks to you had the time of my life. I cannot thank you
  • enough.” Christine L.


  • “I recently bought Holy Harmony while on holiday in Florida. Now back in Ireland I find the CD really fasinating. All my clients (Holistic Therapist) seem to go into a deep sleep while having treatment. I find it “instant calm” for me. Keep up the great sound recordings.” Caroline A.

CD NOW REVIEW of Jonathan Goldman’s HOLY HARMONY by PJ Birosik

  • “Internationally acclaimed sound healer Goldman combines a beautiful Choral chant representing the sacred name for the Christ with the mesmerizing sound of tuning forks using a musical scale described in the Bible as the basis for the
  • creation of the universe, as well as Miraculous healing manifestations. There does seem to be some unusual power to this inspired blending of mantra and music as listeners can simply savor these two intensely spiritual sounds.for their uniquely uplifting qualities.”


  • Don’t listen to Holy Harmony while waiting for your flight to board! I almost missed my flight because of the mind-altering power of that CD! I had been waiting for the previous flight to leave and then I was going to move over closer to the boarding gate. The next time I looked up MY flight had boarded and I almost missed the last call. Peggy O.


  • I have never heard anything like this CD—I felt such reverence and awe as I listened to the sacred tones of the toning folks, as well as the powerful vibrational energy of the YHSVH choral chants. The incredible energy of this CD created a profound spiritual power that filled me with peace, clarity and healing. Janet Boyer


  • This is an Ascension tool that activates the Christ Light within, down to a cellular-molecular-DNA level. It makes sure your Merkaba is spinning perfectly. It is a new way of tuning into the Christ Energy. Joshua G.


  • I find Holy Harmony to be beautiful, life changing, and empowering music. And so do my friends. I will be taking HH tonight to a group gathering for breathwork. The leader heard it this Sunday night during a healing/wholeness share. She asked me to bring it tonight to play. I played HH for 90 minutes on Sunday night (I never play any music that long.) I started HH playing at 1:30pm in the Sanctuary and allow it to play until the healing circle started at 6:00pm and played it to 7:30pm. I have it playing all day today while I work and meditate. I played it for the minister and we chanted to it and she loves it. My hands have tingled at times feeling the power of intention that HH shares and encourages. I am sure that HH is changing this planet, the people on this planet as well as myself. I have personally played HH for over 20 hours since buying it. Joseph T.
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