Psalms for Aliyah CD


This is some of the most beautiful spiritual music you will ever hear, by Steve Rees, an absolute master of the harp.

This CD has been recorded in 528hz and is great for deep relaxation, therapeutic healing, prayer, and/or meditation.

This CD album by Steve Rees is the result of researching the physiological effects of various frequencies for healing and well being.

Steve Rees was encouraged by Dr. Leonard Horowitz through his published work in this area to offer a recording using the 528 “Mi” frequency as the basis for the compositions on this album.

The chord progressions come out of the Psalms of David using Hebrew letter to frequency relationships that are established out of Psalm 119.

Steve Rees believes that these frequencies may have been a way that the Creator was and is trying to help us live in health, restoration and prosperity.

These frequencies could very possibly be the “Key of David” that Isaiah 22:22 and Revelation 3:7 talk about.

These “Keys” are a blessing that can change your life!

Dr. Horowitz highly recommends getting this CD, Jonathan Goldman’s “Holy Harmony” CD for general background soothing listening, and Dan Kunkel’s “Solfeggio Tones” CD for research purposes.

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