Solfeggio (Healing Frequencies) Eclectica Album (Mp3 download version)



Solfeggio Eclectica



Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

A Monumental Music Album Featuring the Solfeggio Frequencies Applied for Bio-Energetically Restoring Whole Person Health & Wellness


“Are you a spiritual-being first, before you are a physical-being?” “Are you affected by sound?” “Does stress and certain music distress you while other music pleases you? Does peace and harmony restore your energy? Does music, or the “good vibrations” of nature, affect your soul? And would you like to quickly uplift your mood, health, happiness, and stay in “The ‘Zone'” of total well-being?

If you answered, “Yes!” to these questions, then you must purchase this product!


What’s in the Solfeggio Eclectica album?

There are 11 original musical compositions that feature the original Solfeggio frequencies and more. This long-playing album includes delightful tracks made with myriad instruments and orchestral arrangements featuring the six (6) of nine (9) “core creative frequencies” fundamental to nature, sustainability, and natural healing. You can listen to samples of these tracks by viewing the corresponding video trailer, HERE. These therapeutic tracks include the complete set of Solfeggio frequencies, including 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, and 852 Hertz.

These frequencies of sound are used in this program to elevate your “consciousness,” evolve you spiritually, and enhance your self-healing capability. Three additional frequencies complete the “Perfect Circle of SoundTM.” These include 963, 174 and 285 Hertz frequencies. These frequencies derive from Dr. Horowitz research.


You can use these frequencies, and music made in these keys, to kick addictive medicines, save money and maybe your life.


Each of the eleven (11) music tracks run between eight and thirteen minutes. The full album runs more than one-and-a-half hours. Seven (7) of these audio tracks are composed, performed, and recorded in the six original Solfeggio frequencies. The fourth track is a binaural recording featuring two harmonic Solfeggio pure tones, 396Hz and 528Hz. The third track (“sacral chakra” or “sexual chakra”) uses the 432Hz frequency that research indicates is best for balancing your second energy center as shown in the chart below.

The Solfeggio (Healing Frequencies) Eclectica album is sold separately from, or in a special package with, a corresponding set of music videos that uses the same music, but with added positive affirmations, prayers, and transfixing “color therapy” to match each of the seven (7) chakras. This is a POWERFUL PROGRAM.


This Solfeggio (Healing Frequencies) Eclectica audio album includes:

  • Eleven (11) long playing audio tracks for energy balancing;

These musical compositions were created & composed by the “Maestro of 528Hz” Dr, Horowitz, who pioneered the modern use of the Solfeggio Frequencies for healing with the publication of Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse in 1998.

In summary, based on the science of “energy medicine,” the Solfeggio Eclectica album can be used as an alternative therapy to kick costly and risky drug addictions. This monumental album contains 11 tracks performed in each of the six (6) Solfeggio frequencies, or in combinations thereof that researchers recommend for each of the different bioenergy-centers for balancing the seven (7) chakras. This therapeutic set matches the music to each energy vortex.

The Solfeggio frequencies are supplemented here by the 432Hz frequency that Dr. Horowitz recommends for the second (sacral) chakra, plus three more “Perfect Circle of Sound” frequencies discovered by Dr. Horowitz as an integral part of sacred geometry and universal design, physical repair, and natural maintenance.


“This extraordinary album shatters the concept of Solfeggio frequencies being applicable only to the ‘New Age Genre.’ These Solfeggio Eclectica compositions prove otherwise with music ranging from classical style symphonies to rock-and-roll, and everything in between.” – Sherri Kane, VP


“This album is excellent for people seeking natural healing and is great for use with other natural therapies.” – JT Kong, medical researcher.


This album is a “must use” for health “conscious” consumers, natural healers, and alternative medicine practitioners to enhance benefits of standard care.

Another great thing about this product, and service that it provides, is, it can only do good. No harm at all can come from listening to this music.

If you are really smart, and can afford it, you’ll also buy the supplemental music video therapy program and follow the instructions. The videos will have you positively affirming what you want in life, praying for and manifesting good things. It works so well you will be sharing this outstanding program with others.



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