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I wanted to acknowledge that last night I had an incredible experience using the tones on the CD I recently purchased. I have used many other self help techniques and have only become broke and discouraged. By listening to the tones in the middle of the night between sleep periods, I experienced an incredible healing dream very powerful and memorable only lasting two hours and with so much energy and understanding afterwards a true miracle. Not just a piece together but a beautiful flow. I only had a couple hours rest yet the rest of the day has been a new generation in living without the crippling thoughts and fears. I wondered before if I was manic depressive and needed expensive psychotherapy. These tones are truly wondrous and I would recommend to anyone to listen to regularly and they will receive a transformation towards their inner healing. In other words this is for real. J.F.

I got this CD from person named Dr. Leonard Horowitz and it is called Healing Tones (also called Solfeggio Tones). Anyway, I have been using a rife machine and I get lots of tingling and vibrations, etc. and sometimes warmth with that. Supposedly this means you are getting “hits” and it is hitting a certain bug or treating a certain injury etc. Well, when I got this CD I was not expecting to feel anything physical. Well, I was shocked as I started getting tingling and vibrations all over my body. I felt like I was having a rife session. I do have systemic infections … lyme, Mycoplasma fermentans incognitus, probably yeast, and was also positive at Vanderbuilt for Chlamydia pneumonia. Anyway, I have tried it on 4 more people who had no idea it could cause physical sensations and in those people they felt sensations where they have problems …. for just one example … my brothers fiancé felt it on her back where she has had problems since she had a car accident over a year ago. It seems like magic as it “knows where to go” on a person and none of these people had any idea it could cause physical sensations. She said it has made her back feel better and her mom also noticed some improvements. I have noticed a little improvement but I think with someone with serious problems as opposed to just a pain etc. in a certain location in the body it will take frequent use for a longer period of time to notice a really big change. But, I do think this is a very very interesting CD and worth a try for sure. I do think this can actually cause detox so don’t go crazy at first and run all day long or anything. Horowitz also has a music CD called Divine Harmony which I believe uses the same frequencies as the Healing Tones but it is in music. This is a nice CD and I even seem to get some tingling and vibes with that. The frequencies are 417, 714, 528, 825, 369, 936.

Best wishes,

I received your Divine Harmony CD from my boyfriend. As I listened to it I began to feel things happening in my body. Everywhere there is and was a problem in the past began to tingle. My ankle that is always giving out, my lungs where I have occasional bronchial problems and in my back where I have been injured in the past as well as in my abdominal area where I get severe pain. That was just the first time listening. I am going to continue to listen to this CD and keep you informed. This is very interesting. It instills hope that someday I will not be in pain anymore. Thank you for your CD and Tom, I love you more then ever.



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