DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral (2 DVD Set)



Stunning evidence compiled in Dr. Horowitz’s book proves DNA is nature’s bioaccoustic and electromagnetic (that is, “spiritual”) energy receiver, signal transformer, and quantum sound and light transmitter. In other words, the bioenergetics of genetics precipitates life.

These scientific revelations, Dr. Horowitz explains, bring expanded spiritual meaning to life, physical embodiment, and even evolution. Yet, leading genetic industrialists prefer to keep these uplifting and freeing truths secret. The infamous, untrustworthy, arguably “alien” “Human Genome Pirates” operate covertly, controlling genetic patents, spin-off technologies, and public information dissemination. With the world’s most powerful banking and pharmaceutical cartel behind them, they now control civilization’s destiny.

The greatest risk of manipulation and threatened extinction is at hand. As humanity teeters on the brink of unprecedented DNA-mediated, spiritual ascendance or complete enslavement if not extinction, argues award-winning author and public health expert, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, in this riveting presentation, the critical direction for humanity’s physical and spiritual salvation has been determined. This presentation offers revolutionary new views of emerging genetic research consistent with largely secreted science and sacred spiritual knowledge.

Features & Ingredients

  • Sections incorporated this double CD offering include discussions of electro-genetics, quantum physics, bioholography, human consciousness, and even spiritual dynamics. His presentations make it obvious, Dr. Horowitz is on an urgent mission to awaken humanity to the highest levels of risk awareness and accountability for our planet’s destiny. Only available on DVD.

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