Healing Celebrations DVD


Listen, watch and learn from Dr. Horowitz how you can turn illnesses into blessings and life threatening diseases into supernatural recoveries. Best viewed over two nights, this television feature presentation has helped save thousands of lives. It is ideally suited for those who cannot, for whatever reason, read Dr. Horowitz’s books Healing Celebrations and emerging Viruses. This DVD is based on Dr. Horowitz two best-selling books, Emerging Viruses and Healing Celebrations. This 8-hour DVD “live” presentation reveals the hidden truths regarding your health, well-being, and miraculous healings. Dr. Horowitz targets drug-company addictions that continue to enslave humanity in a “Babylonian Hell.” Professionally filmed and presented to raise funds to keep a Christian television station broadcasting, Dr. Horowitz volunteered these efforts, drawing on ancient scripture, natural medicine, and modern science, to reveal some the greatest withheld truths of our time.

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