Beam Us Up Scotty (in 528Hz by Scott Huckabay )


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This is a great CD for use during exercise, or as uplifting background music at work or play. Scott proves once again he is more than a master guitarist. His sensational sounds source from 528 Divine communion. Melodies from uniquely tuned strings here synchronize with the beat of his feet, hands, or fingers upon the wood. His one-of-a-kind guitar, artistically engraved by artist Robert Wyland, among many of Scott’s celebrity fans, becomes Scott’s extension into the Divine realm. As aftermath of this motorcycle accident, a near death experience, and pack with our Creator, he plays every moment as though it was his last. Here, his precise tunings with “ Perfect Circle of Sound” provide a most melodious spiritual awakening and healing experience. This special album produced by Huckabay–Horowitz advances the Spiritual Renaissance through superior sonic vibrations mathematically-musically tuned to the Matrix, otherwise called the Kingdom of Heaven in the religious world . Enjoy and sustain your human-Divine communion with Beam Us Up Scotty. Which means we seek and experience the “Spiritual Renaissance!”

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