The Water Resonator – 3E – Evolutionary Energy Enhancer


Product Description

For a more complete description link to The Water Resonator package comes with 10 Perfect Circle of Sound stickers and “cling-ons,” for use in treating water energetically with a vibrating set of nature’s most powerful creative and healing frequencies. This is done to improve the quality of your water. Printed mylar using special iron oxide electromagnetized ink helps restore nature’s resonance energy and electromagnetic properties to drinking water by simply placing these units, with prayer, on glassware and elsewhere!

Where You Should Use The Water Resonator

Water Containers
Sore spots on your body; typically acupressure points
Car windshields
Home and office windows
Computer and television screens
Swimming pools and ponds

As this list shows, you can apply this technology in many ways. Natural environments are hydrated.  Humidity in the air helps transmit these energies throughout your home and workplace. Even in your car, you can benefit from using The Water Resonator.

Features & Ingredients

  • The Water Resonator features the precise sound frequencies of universal creation. These nine ancient harmonic tones form the Perfect Circle of Sound. These core creative vibrations, independently confirmed by scientists internationally, were used by ancient priests and civilizations to manifest miracles, and produce blessings; all involving sacred water.
  • By floating The Water Resonator on water, or placing one on water containers, you can enhance water’s resonant energy to attune your body to nature’s universal harmony for optimal health, beauty, longevity, and more.
  • This technology was developed by internationally renowned public health authority, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. (See: This award-winning author of more than 16 books, including 3 national bestsellers, credits Divine revelations for the mathematics, harmonics, and geometrics of this fascinating new technology.
  • This design uses the musical mathematics and sacred geometry detailed in Dr. Horowitz’s book, Walk on Water, and featured in his DVD documentary, The LOVE CODE. Here he explains how to energize and rejuvinate yourself using the mathematics of a vibrational matrix in which you were created. The Water Resonator energetically programs water in your glasses, your body, and elsewhere, with powerful prayerful messages of love, thanks, peace, health, and abundance.
  • How The Water Resonator Works
  • According to scientists and holy persons, everything began with sound, or vibrational frequencies, acting on water. Heaven and earth, day and night, and the spiraling universe, is believed to have come from energized water. Water is the ideal superconductor for transmitting radiant energy. Water is known to exist even in deep space. So everything in the universe is based on hydro-sonic or electro-magnetic vibrations.
  • Audiotape holds magnetic memories of sound. A new process using laser light imprints these mylar stickers and cling-ons with the 528Hz frequency of LOVE. In addition, light waves and particles pass through this material causing the metallic ink and sacred gold geometry to vibrate. The fact that you see this pattern means light waves are coming through and reflecting off this image stimulating the photoreceptors in your eyes and the water.
  • The miracle of faith in this technology, and prayer with the Perfect Circle of Sound, also causes water molecules to change. Through mechanisms not fully understood, these vibrations cause microscopic restructuring of water as shown in these Energizer-produced crystals, photographed
  • Why You Should Use The Water Resonator
  • This simple technology can benefit your health, happiness, even enhance your love life using the pure frequency of LOVE resonating at 528Hz. The proven benefits of LOVE, and structured water, underlie the success of all healthcare practices.
  • This water crystal arch was made by exposing distilled water for 12 hours to the vibrations of the The Water Resonator It shows: a) the precise repeating structure of each well hydrated DNA segment; b) an arch mathematically and energetically created according to the Phi ratio and Fibonacci series in math, and c) segments reflecting an infinity pattern discovered by math genius, Marko Rodin, who simply explains the structure of DNA, and the spiraling universe, is vibrationally established by The Water Resonator’s nine frequencies of sound as detailed in Dr. Horowitz’s book, LOVE the Real Da Vinci CODE.
  • The Water Resonator for More LOVE
  • Floating the Resonator disc on your swimming pool, or pond, can resonate great amounts of water. Why would you do this? Because water, once again, is a universal solvent and superconductor. It literally connects you energetically, and corrects you vibrationally, to the balanced universe. Your body is made mostly of water, as is the universe. LOVE, the 528Hz green frequency at the center of this mathematical matrix, is the center of the rainbow and your heart chakra. So, LOVE, to which everything green vibrates, is amplified for everyone’s benefit when you use The Water Resonator, especially with positive loving intent.
  • The Water Resonator for World Peace
  • Each time you use this technology you actually transmit the special energy of LOVE, peace, and balance to water, to yourself, and the rest of nature co-creating wellness and a healthier world.
  • These core creative frequencies are the nine tones that shaped the cosmos originally, and now sustain it. By spreading these good vibrations everywhere, you can help bring blessings, healing, and peace worldwide.
  • Surely, water is our most precious, creative, healing and sustaining natural resource. By treating water with LOVE, and giving it the utmost respect and attention it deserves, you will be lending your helping hand to restore our challenged environment for humanity’s survival. We need to stop polluting, and accelerate purifying, our waters, starting within your own body!
  • Other recommendations for water purification, health protection, and physical restoration include oxygenation and ultraviolet light treatments.
  • To optimize your health and wellness through proper water consumption, alkalization, periodic fasts, improved nutrition, and much more, read Dr. Horowitz�s book, Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine, and Modern Science (Tetrahedron Press; 1-888-508-4787).
  • With prayerful loving intent, place “Resonator” stickers on acupressure points to stimluate desired outcomes and pineal gland activity.
  • In summary, using The Water Resonator in these ways derives from the theory that these special frequencies of mathematics and music expand an opening “portal” (based on the inherent energetic characteristics of the 3s, 6s, and 9s) to Divine intelligence and universal consciousness. That is, our Creator’s spiritual energy, commonly referred to as the Holy Spirit, is present and increasingly forthcoming for earthly renewal. These stickers use the core creative frequencies of the universe, including the central 528Hz love frequency of sound, to which we wish our hearts entrained and our world harmonized.
  • This hypothesis is based on extraordinary Bible code and scientific revelations, along with advancing research pertaining to electro-genetics and nanotechnology, published by Dr. Horowitz, and his colleagues, starting in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 1999), evolving in DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral (2004), and culminating in Walk on Water (all books available through this online catalog).
  • Surf the omnipresent spiritual wave to planetary salvation. Energize your water and contribute to this rising tide of welcome change. Apply these stickers and “cling-ons” liberally where ever you go!
  • For more details link to and check out the Walk on Water package specials on this website and the Holy Harmony CD that perfectly complements The Water Resonator’s usage.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 18 cm


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